People Online Praise This Young Woman Who Went Viral For Revealing How She Shut Down A Man Who Kept Interrupting Her During A Meeting

Gender equality is still an objective for our society and not a reality. It’s especially hard for women because they are often looked down upon in the work space and not taken seriously enough. That leads to them working harder but not being awarded for that or even noticed.

But women don’t give up and keep standing up for themselves. Like this TikToker who took out the camera at the right time to catch herself defending herself as a man was talking over her and taking credit for her ideas. She put the man in his place and the internet loved the little snippet as over 2 million people liked the video.

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A TikToker went viral with 11 million views with a video in which she filmed herself while she shut down a man who kept interrupting her

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The TikToker is Sabrina Lassegue, who is known as directedbybrini on the app. She is a 20-year-old actress, producer, model, director and writer and is the owner of the multimedia production company Yellow Rain Productions.

The video that went viral with 11.3 million views was filmed during one of her meetings for her company. A brand hired her company to direct and produce a commercial. They have already signed the contract and the meeting was for exchanging ideas.

It was a business meeting and she was not only interrupted but also was mansplained her own ideas she had just put on the table

Image credits: directedbybrini

To give some context for the short video, Sabrina wrote in the overlay that the man who was on the brand’s marketing team kept interrupting her and started presenting her ideas as his own. The thing that made her patience crack was the man starting to say “the problem with you women is…”

The young woman wasn’t willing to tolerate it so she used the same method as the man interrupting her and cut him off

Image credits: directedbybrini

The young businesswoman wasn’t going to allow someone to disrespect her, so this time, she was the one who cut off the brand’s marketing specialist. She told him to mute himself as it was her presentation and she wasn’t done speaking.

Even though her voice was calm and she didn’t offend anyone directly, you can tell she was irritated from her comment that her ears have a limit. Then she explains the reason for her frustration which is constantly being interrupted and being explained things she already said.

In a follow-up video, Sabrina said that there isn’t any more drama, it’s just a reality of being a young woman and owning a company

Image credits: directedbybrini

Image credits: directedbybrini

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She said she was just presenting a marketing idea and was constantly interrupted by the client’s marketing specialist

Image credits: directedbybrini

People were very invested in the video as they couldn’t believe that such people like the man from the marketing department who think they are so much better that they can treat others with no respect actually exist.

So in a follow-up video which also went viral and was watched 1.2 million times, Sabrina explained that there isn’t anything more to the story. She is just a young company owner who is often not taken seriously, as she expected when she founded Yellow Rain Productions when she was 18.

Image credits: directedbybrini

He had the audacity to make her ideas sound like his own and was planning to let Sabrina know what is the problem with women

Image credits: directedbybrini

She had to learn how to stand up for herself and how to be heard by not disrespecting and undermining others. Sabrina admits that she needed help with that and she is lucky to have someone she can turn to for professional advice.

The young woman filmed the video just to share her unpleasant experience with her friends. There was more to what the man said and how she reacted, but she started filming after the client’s marketing specialist intended to explain what is the problem with women.

The friends who saw the video then told Sabrina she should post this for everyone to see. And that really was good advice as it blew up on TikTok.

She didn’t want to hear that and cut off the man, and here is the video where you can listen what she had to say

@directedbybriniSend help 😭😭😭♬ original sound – Brin

What was your reaction when you saw the video? Have you experienced similar behavior towards you or heard similar stories? Do you think that this is a real problem and women have to stand up for themselves when they shouldn’t be in such a position in the first place? We are curious to know your thoughts so leave them in the comments!

People in the comments were very supportive of Sabrina and were sad that these kind of situations are a lot more common than you would think

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