People Shared 50 Fails And Accidents So Expensive, It Hurts To Watch (New Pics)

Messing up is a normal part of life. Whether it’s in our work environment or our relationships, every single one of us makes mistakes at some point. Living with our errors, however, can be difficult as even the most minor ones tend to damage our pride, cause embarrassment, and leave us with an overwhelming rush of panic. But if you think accidentally smashing a vase or spilling coffee all over your work is bad enough, today’s list may make you feel incredibly validated.

Let us introduce you to the ‘That Looked Expensive’ subreddit. This online community is dedicated to documenting mistakes, catastrophes, or disasters that are sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious, but definitely very, very costly. Think flooded bitcoin mining farms, historical paintings ruined by security guards, and many other things that break the bank.

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Below, we wrapped up the newest batch of pictures from the group for you to enjoy. Buckle up and get ready to witness failures of such epic proportions that you may want to immediately cover your eyes! Keep reading to also find an in-depth interview with licensed psychotherapist Aliza Shapiro, LCSW. Then make sure to upvote your favorite entries as you go, and if you have any expensive blunder stories you want to share, let us know all about them in the comments.

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#1 Remember To Always Tip Your Server

Image credits: Azsnee09

#2 If You’re Going To F**k Up, Make Sure You F**k Up In Such A Way That It Leaves People Asking How You Did It

Image credits: KeyAdministration900

#3 Yikes

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

Every mistake is a lesson to be learned, isn’t it? No one is immune to the occasional slip-ups — they are a guarantee in life that cannot be avoided no matter how much we try. Life throws curveballs to give us valuable learning opportunities that may hit us hard at first, but allow us to improve and become more rounded human beings. So by now, we should know to accept our blunders for what they are and treat failure as a growing experience. But in reality, how many of us see our mistakes as such?

Well, it depends. We humans are a curious species that sometimes find it hard to let go of the fear and stress that comes from messing up. We stumble, fall, and manage to tangle ourselves in our failure, unable to get up, learn from it, and continue with our lives.

What matters more than any misstep or its magnitude, however, is our response afterward. To find out from an expert how to best handle these situations on an emotional level, we reached out to a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Therapy In The City, Aliza Shapiro, LCSW. She runs her own private practice where she provides evidence-based care for adults and adolescents and helps them overcome an array of mental health challenges, including depression, OCD, and anxiety.

#4 The Costa Concordia Disaster

Image credits: AnxiousIndicator

#5 Lemme Teach This Kid How To Draw!!

Image credits: Professional_Cat_298

#6 Diamonds Are … Not Forever

Image credits: NamasteVibes

According to Shapiro, justification and self-deprecation are two of the most common ways we respond to mistakes. “It is hard, and often scary, to admit to our mistakes, and unconsciously, we will try to do anything to avoid doing just that,” she told Bored Panda.

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“For some, messing up in a high stakes scenario generates an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance, and instead of accepting the difficult reality that being imperfect is simply a part of life, we justify our actions instead,” the psychotherapist added. “Others have an equal, but opposite, reaction to mistakes. If our self-esteem isn’t intact, one error can quickly turn into a cascade of self-doubt, judgment, and deprecation. Again, instead of accepting that human beings are by definition imperfect, a single mistake can turn into a spiral of ‘I’m not good enough.’

#7 Absolutely Shattered

Image credits: Dutten06

#8 When You Use The Wrong Cheat Code

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#9 Pipes Burst Underneath Basketball Court

Image credits: superfleh

Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret — nobody is flawless. Intuitively, we all know that perfectionism is an unrealistic trait that often blocks our road to success. Yet, whether it’s out of fear or to avoid encountering uncomfortable feelings, we still strive to be perfect and avoid making blunders at all costs.

#10 Scaffolding Smashes Into Elizabeth Towerjust Days After £80 Million Makeover Was Revealed

Image credits: FumingOstrich35

#11 Macau Grand Prix Crash

Image credits: iltifaat_yousuf

#12 Belgium (1990)

Image credits: WeavySt0nder

But making mistakes can be beneficial, it all depends on the perspective. “Not only do mistakes lay the groundwork for some of the greatest lessons we learn in life, they are also a necessary part of any person, team, or company’s growth,” Shapiro explained.

“Facebook’s corporate office famously bears signs that read ‘Fail Harder,’ embedding into the corporate culture that failure is not just OK, it is crucial. In our personal lives as well, when we look our mistakes in the eye, we also learn exactly where and how we need to grow.”

#13 This Picture Of A Flooded Bitcoin Mining Farm

Image credits: nejkiu1

#14 811 Call Before You Dig

Image credits: ajessica

#15 Flipped Tesla Carrier

Image credits: KaianSoKewl

But many of us often choose the path of avoidance, even if it can lead to even more suffering and inflict unnecessary stress on us and the people around us. That’s why apologizing, forgiving yourself, and seeing your mistake as an experience you can move forward from instead of constantly beating yourself up about it is a great confidence-building tactic. Plus, it can also make you more resilient to any future challenges.

#16 My Bad, Boss

Image credits: bennetticles

#17 You Left Your Hazard Lights On!

Image credits: sausagetunnel

#18 Grape Juice Overflowing. Looks Like A Volcano

Image credits: Rredite

Psychotherapist Shapiro agrees with this line of thinking. “Self-compassion is the single most powerful tool to combat self-judgment and blame, and also becomes the fuel for positive change as well,” she told Bored Panda. “When we respond to ourselves in moments of setback with a mindful, compassionate understanding of how/why we made certain choices, we gain strength to move forward in healthier ways.”

“In contrast, when we respond to ourselves with blame and judgment, we lose the strength and motivation necessary to resolve the mistakes that were made.” Moreover, this can also put us in danger of repeating the same errors. Thinking “I’m worthless” and telling yourself that you are a failure won’t get you very far in fixing your error. However, it can have dire consequences and even lead to negative thought spirals when one harsh critique leads to another, with no end in sight.

#19 How The Hell Does Something Like This Happen

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#20 Brazilian Ship In Ecuador

Image credits: GoLeftThenLeftAgain

#21 Delivery Robot Tries To Walk Across Undried Cement

Image credits: MrWhite86

If you think your oversight feels like the end of the world is just around the corner, Shapiro was kind enough to share a few pieces of advice on how to become better at handling mistakes (especially when they’re painfully expensive). “Do not expend your energy on self-judgment, spend it instead on how you will rectify the mistake, and create systems that ensure it won’t happen in the future,” she suggested.

“Oftentimes, serious mistakes are building blocks for new and important structures, and when we use our energy to create something that will be more effective in the big picture, mistakes start to feel meaningful instead of painful,” the psychotherapist concluded.

#22 Wind Turbine Fell Over

Image credits: Ziu_Waz

#23 That Looked Stupid

Image credits: danafarmansyah12

#24 One Of The Reasons They Close The Ramp At An Airport During A Storm

Image credits: e140driver

#25 B**ch, I Believe I Can Fly

Image credits: Pvp-pissed-Off0997

#26 Mv Rena Aground Off The Coast Of Tauranga, New Zealand, October 2011

Image credits: vredcom

#27 How Not To Handle A Multi-Million Dollar Satellite

Image credits: WoozyDragon4018

#28 Smaller Yacht Caught Fire Which Spread To The Larger Yacht In Shanghai Last Night

Image credits: The_Troll_Gull

#29 Today On “Air Crash Investigations”

Image credits: lensnation

#30 Snowbirds Are Back In Florida

Image credits: BJ77345

#31 Wind Was A Little High In Colorado

Image credits: kbbn1

#32 “Should I Move The Excavators Out Of The Pit Boss?” Boss:”Nah, They’ll Be Fine” Pittsburgh Pa

Image credits: ButtersHound

#33 F**k You Tesla

Image credits: coldsummers13

#34 «perfect Outside And Inside Wash» Middle Of Nowhere In Sweden

Image credits: bjorn4r

#35 Looks Like He Thought It Was A Road, Or He Just Needed To Cool Off

Image credits: EvilMindedSquirrel

#36 While Reversing In A Canal Of Amsterdam, The Ship Struck Ground

Image credits: D3S3RT

#37 This Ferrari Enzo That Crashed This Morning While Making A Testdrive In Baarn, The Netherlands

Image credits: 9eurowekker

#38 There Was A Small Fire At My Apartment Building Last Night

Image credits: thegoldenladle

#39 Nice Weather

Image credits: badebdon

#40 That’s One Hot Ferrari

Image credits: jsabo

#41 The 2013 Saltsjöbaden (Sweden) Train Crash. A Cleaning Lady Accidentally Starts A Negligently Parked Train, It Eventually Derails And Crashes Into A House

Image credits: Max_1995

#42 That’ll Buff Out

Image credits: iam_nobody

#43 Altenburg (Germany) Before And After The Ongoing Severe Flooding Due To Excessive Rain (2021)

Image credits: Max_1995

#44 Insurance: “You Hit What!?”

Image credits: This_sum_one

#45 New Hyperloop Being Built In Novosibirsk, Russia

Image credits: r_lighter

#46 Highway 2 North Of Ponoka

Image credits: Rasticool

#47 Had A Bad Storm Come Through Recently

Image credits: MirKule

#48 Wonder If He’ll Have To Pay A Parking Ticket?

Image credits: Grimmmz970

#49 I Alone At Forgot About This One!

Image credits: therealsandysan

#50 That’s One Way To Load A Motorcycle Onto A Tow Truck

Image credits: omnipeasant


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