People Stunned To Learn They Can Buy And Live In An Army Bunker For Under $70K

An army bunker from the 1900s, which is up for sale for less than $70,000, became the subject of Reddit conversations for its location in the “world’s largest doomsday bunker community.”

Nestled in the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota, the bunker is located in not just any average neighborhood. It is one of about 575 similar bunkers dotting several acres of land that used to be the host to an army base.

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The location used to be a maintenance facility where the army housed munitions and stored and tested bombs. The land was also home to around 575 weapons storage spaces, which were gigantic concrete and steel structures built during the Second World War. These spaces were specifically designed to survive explosions of up to half a megaton.

A bunker built in the 1990s created a buzz online after images of it were shared on Reddit

Image credits: Whittaker

After the army reportedly used these spaces between 1945 and 1967, the spaces have since been turned into bunkers for those prepping for doomsday scenarios. The property and the bunkers are now owned by Vivos xPoint, which describes itself as “an epic humanitarian project the size of a city.”

“c.1945 Army Bunker For Sale Under $70K – in World’s Largest Doomsday Bunker Community -Now this is novel! A c.1945 army bunker in the world’s largest doomsday bunker community. From 1945 to 1967, this area was known as the Black Hills Ordinance Depot for the US Army,” read a post on Reddit shared by r/RidiculousRealEstate this week.

Comments on the post included people joking about the neighbors in the location that positions itself as a grand survival project for humanity.

“I bet the neighbors are charming,” Redditors joked after reading about how the property listing was in the “world’s largest doomsday bunker community”

Image credits: Vivos Survival Shelters and Bunkers

“World’s largest doomsday bunker community? I bet the neighbors are charming,” one Redditor commented on the post, while another quipped, “I’ll take doomsday bunker communities for 800, Ken…”

When one Redditor said, “Wonder how much hazardous waste has been spilled in there. Seems…unsafe,” another replied: “Yeah, and finding unexploded ordinance while you are renovating, er prepping, sounds like fun, too.”

The bunkers, which Vivos xPoint holds the lease to, are surrounded by nature where one can hear their own thoughts, according to a realtor’s description

Image credits: Whittaker

The listing of the bunker was described as the “ultimate off-grid survival community” that Vivos xPoint holds the lease to.

The 2,080-sq ft bunker, listed on the website, was said to be an hour off a paved road, where one can “hear yourself think and be surrounded by nature.”

“All bunkers feature a standard 26.5 foot interior floor width, with lengths of 60 feet and 80 feet, each with a 12.5 foot high ceiling to the top of the interior arch,” read the Realtor’s comments on the property.

The bunkers are situated in a location where the army previously housed munitions and tested bombs

Image credits: Whittaker

“Each bunker includes a concrete floor and steel blast door, that seals to stop any water, air or gas permeation; air and exhaust ventilation shafts, and a secondary emergency exit. This bunker has flooring in place, water hookup and air filtration/blast valves,” the comments added.

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The demand for shelter solutions provided by Vivos xPoint is growing every single year with “inquiries and applications” going up “over 2,000 per cent year over year,” the company told CBC.

“Vivos is not merely about concrete, steel and blast doors. It is about having a backup plan for mankind to survive and for families to have the opportunity to potentially be part of a like-minded community as these events unfold,” said Dante Vicino, director of operations at Vivos xPoint, told the outlet in an email.

In place of a school and church, Vivos plans to dedicate one bunker to educators and one for religious worship

Image credits: Enes Yilmazer

The 575 structures, which Vivos xPoint holds the lease to, can reportedly withstand ten consecutive earthquakes, endure temperatures up to 676°C, hold up against winds of 450 mph, and shield occupants against the impacts of a magnetic pole shift.

All the bunkers are not the same, according to Vivos xPoint’s FAQs section. The page also revealed that they are building new friendships within the community as well.

The property owners also said they conduct background checks on the individuals applying for bunkers as and when deemed necessary.

The bunkers can withstand ten consecutive earthquakes, endure temperatures up to 676°C, and hold up against winds of 450 mph

Image credits: Enes Yilmazer

“Vivos is building a community of like-minded people, with similar values and concerns for both manmade and natural disasters,” Vivos xPoint said. “The bunker lessees (“Members”) have much in common, building new friendships within the community. In time, members will become a huge support to each other with their respective skillsets and knowledge, both before and after a shelterization event. Vivos does not pre-screen for skillsets, as the nature of the people that join the project, and the sheer volume of members, assure a diverse knowledge and talent base.”

In place of institutions like a school or church, Vivos said they plan to provide a bunker to educators and one for religious worship purposes as well.

“The entire property is protected by a military grade security fence and cameras to keep out unlawful intruders,” Vivos added. “The Vivos security force patrols the entire property as needed, while also maintaining multiple security gates and check points within the property. The main gate is opened by keypad code access only. Once a member you will be assigned a unique code.”

Some people felt the bunkers would fit right in the prologue of a dystopian novel

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