Person Shares LinkedIn Advice After This Hilariously Hopeless LinkedIn Wrapped Joke Goes Viral

The job market can be ruthless, especially during turbulent years like 2020. And sometimes it can feel like you’ve applied to hundreds of positions. Sadly—without any luck. Some of us know exactly what that feels like. And one of those people is Matthew Frederickson. Well, kind of. Matt made a joke on Twitter that he’s not a fan of his LinkedIn Wrapped this year that pointed out that he was “rejected” from all 547 job positions he “applied” to. There’s no such thing as LinkedIn Wrapped and Matt was obviously having a bit of a laugh (411.7k people thought it was great on Twitter).

However, this didn’t mean that what Matt said didn’t resonate with a lot of people. Job hunting really can be exhausting. And it’s easy to give up if you’re not sure about what you’re doing wrong. So Jermaine Murray, from JupiterHR, used this opportunity to reshare his best tips for turbo-charging your LinkedIn profile for “success and visibility.” Check Jermaine’s tips out below.

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Career coach Jermaine told Bored Panda that first impressions can be really important. Fortunately for those of us who mess up our profiles, those impressions aren’t all that long-lasting. “You can always improve your profile and show up in a Recruiter’s future search based on the SEO algorithms on LinkedIn. Also, if someone is a good Recruiter, they wouldn’t discount someone’s profile in the future because good people make bad resumes on LinkedIn all the time,” he told Bored Panda. Read on for more of Jermaine’s insights about LinkedIn and what lies beyond the platform.

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Matt joked about “applying” to 547 jobs and getting “rejected”

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However, Jermaine thought it was the perfect moment to reshare some of his earlier tips about actually making your LinkedIn profile work for you

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According to Jermaine, LinkedIn is a “super powerful and useful tool for surfacing and connecting” with others. It’s handy enough for most of your needs. And you don’t need to go outside its “ecosystem,” however, don’t discount the importance of interactions elsewhere.

“I’ve found LinkedIn to be more effective after I’ve built rapport with people on a different platform (like Twitter) or at a networking event (pre-Covid), as its a great way to stay in touch.”

Jermaine told Bored Panda that he finds that people don’t give themselves enough credit for their skills, as well as their value. He believes that the biggest mistake that people are making is that they’re too modest with themselves and their careers.

“When I have sessions with clients, the first exercise we do is a Success/Failure log where they can beat their chest a bit but also dissect and really understand that ‘failure’ because, more often than not, that Failure can actually lead to a win/success further down the line.”

Jermaine added that he recently came out with a salary guide for tech professionals that lets them know what the market’s paying and how to negotiate a salary. It’s completely free and you can find it right here.

The other side of LinkedIn

Jermaine gave everyone some behind-the-scenes glimpses into how recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates for positions. It’s eye-opening to see the other side.

And it’s given me a deeper appreciation of the fact that LinkedIn’s much more geared for recruiters, headhunters, and human resources specialists than us, the actual users. In other words, it’s not Facebook. (I know how obvious that sounds when I say it out loud, but Jermaine’s tips finally made things click for me.)

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Matt’s posts went viral on social media. The majority of his viral posts all have to do with taking the mickey out of something or someone. With the kind of sense of humor that Matt has, it’s no wonder that he gets so much attention. And if he really did “apply” to 547 job positions in the future, we’re sure that he’d get at least one positive response on account of making someone laugh.

What’s your job-hunting history been like, dear Readers? Do you use LinkedIn? Did you find Jermaine’s advice useful? Let us and all the other Pandas out there know what you think by dropping us a line in the comment section below.

People thanked Jermaine for his useful tips and some Twitter users even shared their own experiences with rejections and job-hunting

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