Person Working In An Amazon Warehouse Shares What His Day Looks Like Hour-By-Hour And People Are Saying This Is Modern Day Slavery

Working at Amazon and the sometimes inhumane ways the company treats its employees has been on a lot of people’s minds lately. Just yesterday, Bored Panda published an article about entrepreneur Dan Price’s insights about how Amazon exploits the people that work for it.

However, this story isn’t about Price. It’s about the experience of Imgur user Somethingslightlyclever who has been working at Amazon for the past half a year. They listed the pros and cons of having taken up a job at the company and you’re invited to have a read through it, dear Pandas. They compared it to working on the Death Star and shared how you’re held accountable for resting while you’re on your break.

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Spoiler warning: the list of cons is much, much longer than the list of pros. Unfortunately. What’s more, the Imgur user touched upon another important aspect of work: the commute and how much time it eats up each and every day. While plenty of Americans have the ability to work from home during the pandemic, according to Pew Research, others aren’t as lucky and have to worry about being exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

An Amazon employee opened up about their experience at the company, having worked there for around 6 months

Image credits: Amazon

The list of pros is incredibly short while the cons go on and on

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According to Imgurian Somethingslightlyclever, the best thing about working at Amazon is getting paid time off. Or rather 30 minutes each day that you can use to do absolutely whatever. If that’s the main selling point of becoming an Amazon employee, well, it doesn’t bode well now, does it?

Two other pros are that the Imgurian gets three days off because of how their shifts are scheduled and that they have lots of independence. 95 percent of the time they’re left alone, they shared. However, the cons… well, they really do outweigh the pros. By a longshot.

One of the major drawbacks is that the job in and of itself is mind-numbing and menial. There’s no higher purpose to it other than getting paid. Do the work, pay your bills, buy some groceries. Repeat. Furthermore, the Imgurian drew attention to the fact that they and other employees are always “being pushed to work faster” and even have to sacrifice going to the bathroom for the sake of quotas.

Everything revolves around these quotas. No matter how unreasonable they are, employees will be “harassed and prodded” because of them. In short, what’s being demanded of people is to work ceaselessly, efficiently, tirelessly like robots. The Imgurian said that they were having “breakdowns every weekend” and even considered ending their life because of the inhumane conditions.

Meanwhile, Amazon employee Joseph Jones from Alabama, who can walk as much as 17 miles per shift, told the BBC that the company’s attitude toward their workers is horrendous. “It’s a very adversarial relationship with the supervisors and the staff. You’re a cog in the system… and it’s very obvious.”

Amazon is also notoriously anti-union because it sees them as a hindrance to profit-making. Unionized workers demand better work conditions which lead to extra costs for the company.

Here’s how Imgurians have been reacting to the story

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