Person’s Lunch Is Stolen, They Break Down In Tears While Their Toxic Coworkers Smirk And Giggle

I think many of you know this feeling when you have prepared the tastiest meal and you already can imagine yourself eating it when you come back home, right? Or not at home – it can also be lunch at work or at school or whenever, the point is you are looking forward to it.

And you know what’s the worst thing to happen in this case? To finally go to eat it and find out that somebody already ate it. Well, no surprise that somebody may cause a scene over that, I would too!

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Being laughed at for crying about something that’s important to you is one of the most hurtful feelings

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Person shares how they caused a scene at work after finding out somebody ate half of their lunch

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They share that in their office, there is a ‘lunch thief’ , but nobody does anything about it and just hopes for the best

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One day they brought lunch that they had been looking forward to since the previous evening

Image credits: u/Dofferent_Mang03037

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However, during lunch, they found it half-eaten which was the last straw and they started bawling their eyes out

A few days ago, one Reddit user shared their incident at work to one of its communities, stating that they have never been so embarrassed in their life. They explain that one day, they found that someone ate half of their lunch, which made them bawl. The post received a lot of attention and in just 5 days collected almost 7K upvotes and more than 2.6K comments.

OP starts their story by saying that at their work, there is a lunch thief. Many people have complained about  it, but the boss hasn’t done anything, so employees just label their food and hope for the best. However, one day, the author packed a grilled cheese sandwich and cupcake, put a label on it and since the previous evening had been looking forward to eating it.

OP states that it may sound childish, but if you have ever had to hide from everybody during lunch and act not hungry, you must know the feeling when you get to be like everyone else. But once lunch started, they found their lunch half-eaten. Well, that was the last straw and OP broke down and started bawling. Unfortunately, their coworkers just looked at them strangely and now call them emotional for crying over such a little thing.

Community members discussed that the lunch thief must be dealt with and suggested to the author how to secure their lunch. A few folks wrote to put an AirTag on it, get a box with a lock or just put something disgusting in their lunch to find out who that ‘lunch thief’ is. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with being upset about having something stolen from you. I’m sorry people are laughing over something ‘so trivial’. It’s not trivial,” one user backed OP up.

Image credits: cottonbro studio (not the actual photo) 

Moreover, if you haven’t had your lunch stolen by your coworkers and it looks like an unlikely thing to happen, or if you think it’s very rare, let’s dive into a bit of statistics. According to Zippia, 33% of workers admit to stealing food from their coworkers. In addition to this, 47% of workers have had their lunch stolen by their coworkers.

Also, there are a few interesting findings regarding the lunch thief topic. Nearly everyone assumes that the candy bowls and food on the counter are free for the taking. Surprisingly or not, 16% of employees think it’s okay to eat a pizza slice without asking.

Well, seeing that lunch thieves are actually a common issue, I did a little bit of research for you on how to stop or catch them. Well, hopefully, if you can catch them, then they will stop. Office Topics shares that you can take a piece of paper and write something like “Whoever ate my sandwich, please contact me immediately because it contained my medicine and it is dangerous for healthy people to have it.” 

Another way can be to put some cat food or the hottest pepper in your meal. Or you could just arrange for everyone to eat lunch together; this would prevent theft and may even foster stronger relationships among coworkers.

So anyway, guys, what do you think about this story? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Redditors backed the author up and shared some suggestions

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