Progress, Subversion, Ingeniousness, Oh My!

The Core77 Design Awards Gaming Accessories category features Consumer hardware or software products designed for the interactive entertainment/video game industry. Examples include: video games, video game accessories (game systems, game controllers), gaming furniture, and gaming-focused consumer technology (computers, TVs, etc.).

Tim Hulford believes that designs worth celebrating are those that mark a moment of progress, subversion, ingeniousness, or compassion.

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“If you have a story like that, tell it.”

As the Director of Industrial Design for META, Tim works to fulfill the “audacious dreams” of Reality Labs, transforming them into “beautifully integrated, compelling consumer products.” He brings deep expertise in technology to his work, producing thoughtful, functional, influential designs across a range of industries and categories.

For Tim, the greatest satisfaction is the joy of making something that’s not only “deeply good” but will make others feel good as well. Tim admits to finding that achievement personally rewarding; he also finds it an accurate predictor of professional success. “I believe if you can master this act in a consistent way, you can be a very influential designer,” he said.

The opposite of that act is making something that “was never truly intended to be owned and loved. Just used. For a little while.” For Tim, that approach is the biggest pitfall for designers to avoid. He encourages designers to understand what makes a product relevant in their industry. As he said, “There are so many options – common solutions to common problems, and all too often, designs strive to meet a bar set by others.”

The Meta Quest Pro designed by Meta Reality Labs Design Team.

The 2023 winner of the Core77 Design Awards Gaming Accessories category was Meta Quest Pro, a product that built upon the Quest 2 (released in 2020) by introducing sensors to capture facial, gesture, and external environment and enable new Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

If you’ve got an uncommon solution to a common problem, our jurors want to hear your story. Submit your entry to the Core77 Design Awards today.

Source: core77

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