Punkt's Elegant Power-Strip-With-a-Cap

I liked elements of industrial designer Ye-Eun Son’s Turney upside-down power strip, but it’s just a concept.

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And I found Shinola’s Power Supply handsome, but that’s with nothing plugged into it. (It’s also aimed at the luxury consumer and thus out of my price range, at nearly $200.)

Shinola Power Supply

A better alternative might be this great-looking ES01 Extension Socket by Punkt:

Punkt has borrowed a trick from Coalesse’s Power Pod, designed by MNML…

Coalesse Power Pod

…in that the ES01’s sockets are arrayed to create plenty of space for even bulky adapters.

The advantage of Punkt’s design over the Power Pod is that you can cap it while things are still plugged in. The slightly larger diameter of the cap leaves space for the cables.

The ES01 rings in at $50.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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