Reader Submitted: The Common Thread

Using algorithmics, digital fabrication, and hacking & making methods, The Common Thread examines the ties between East and West Jerusalem by transforming Jerusalem’s Hansen House workers’ likeness into portraits made from a thread, the length of which matches each of the workers’ commute from their homes in the Arab East to their workplace in the Jewish West.

Hansen House, home of Jerusalem’s annual Design Week
The Common Thread – Part of Jerusalem’s Design Week 2019
The Common Thread project is a site-specific work which was made for the Jerusalem Design Week 2019 and its theme – “East”.
Credit: Amir Zobel
A worker’s daily journey
Each Hansen House worker’s daily commute was measured, and a thread of that length used to make each worker’s portrait
Custom tools at work
Using a CNC milling machine fitted with custom hardware, the 471 points between which the thread will be drawn were placed
Credit: Amir Zobel
Credit: Amir Zobel
Credit: Amir Zobel
Credit: Amir Zobel

View the full project here
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