Realistic painted ants take over vintage china dinnerware

No one wants ants at a picnic. Or on their dinnerware even if it’s indoors. Evelyn Bracklow’s hand-painted porcelain dinnerware, which looks like it’s absolutely crawling with little black ants, is an exception, though. Rather than a plain pattern, the ants are painted in realistic detail and appear to interact with the other design features of the plates.

The backdrop of each piece includes everything from fruit to flowers, and even a wasp, all of which the ants seem to be attracted to. These limited edition pieces would almost certainly draw double-takes from any dinner guests you might have over. Though fair warning: it might cause some to lose their appetites.

evelyn bracklow bowl

evelyn bracklow closeup

evelyn bracklow orange

evelyn bracklow wasp

evelyn bracklow sugar bowl

evelyn bracklow platter

evelyn bracklow teacup

evelyn bracklow leaf

evelyn bracklow eyes

evelyn bracklow cherries

evelyn bracklow bowl


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