Relics From The Horse-Powered City That Are Still Around

The transition between horse drawn carriages and automobiles was abrupt, and it took some people decades to realize horse based transportation was not going to come back because cars were here to stay.

This transition was so abrupt in fact that relics from the horse-powered city still exist in cities across the globe, which people walk by (or on) every day without a clue what it is or why it’s there.

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The large doors found alongside the entrances to homes in places like Greenwich Village, New York are called “horse walks”- interior passageways made so urban horses can safely go from the street to the stable.

And those staircases with the short yet wide stairs are known as a “riders’ staircase”, and they’re found primarily in old European cities where they’re part of the city’s infrastructure forever more.

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Also integrated into the infrastructure (hopefully forever more) are the metal tethering rings and hitching posts that add a bit of horsey historical flavor to the cityscape.

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