Restaurant Teaches Influencer A Lesson After They Try To Pay For Meal With ‘Exposure’

No matter how many followers they have on social media, it doesn’t excuse influencers from behaving like upstanding members of society. And even though some of us can tolerate cheekiness from time to time, it has to be done well and there are limits to how precocious you can be!

One UK influencer learned that firsthand after they tried to weasel out a load of free food from ‘Four Legs,’ a pop-up restaurant in Islington in London. However, what they weren’t expecting was the restaurant pulling a twist on them and calling them out in a brutal yet hilarious way, just when things seemed to be going the influencer’s way.

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Looks delicious? One cheeky influencer thought so too, which is why they tried to get lots of free food for their pals from the ‘Four Legs’ restaurant in Islington

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However, what the influencer wasn’t expecting was for the chef duo running the restaurant to lead them along and surprise them with a twist

The chefs appear to be going along with the influencer’s demands

But things take a hilarious twist at the very end!

‘Four Legs’ operates at a pub called The Compton Arms and they weren’t planning to stand for the influencer trying to score some freebies for their entire lockdown ‘bubble.’ Sure, a one-off free meal might sound all right in exchange for some advertising. But 5 whole meals? That’s just ridiculous!

However, the chefs running the IG account weren’t about to let the influencer know that. They implied that they’re just fine with handing away so much free food to some stuck-up influencer who thinks they rule the world just because they’ve got a bucketload of followers.

So ‘Four Legs’ wasted the influencer’s time, getting them to go all the way to Islington to supposedly pick up the food, and then directed them to the local police station, telling ‘em to turn themselves in. Their crime? Trying to pull the wool over the food industry’s eyes.

Though who can blame the cheeky influencer for trying? (Well, we can, but shhh we’re trying to make a point here.) If the restaurant’s photos on their Instagram account are anything to go by, the food is delicious. There’s nothing like wanting to eat a tasty burger (or two) for breakfast to make you rethink your life choices.

While we’re aware of the name of the influencer who wrote the messages, we think that sharing it would give them a lot of hate. Even though we think that what they did was wrong, nobody deserves hundreds of messages in their inbox telling them to ‘buy their own food.’ What we can tell you is that they’re a blogger with around 50k followers.

Meanwhile, the heroes of the story are chefs Ed McIlroy and Jamie Allan. According to ‘Eater London,’ the duo have a storied and proud background in cooking, so you can bet your bottom dollar (well, pound, rather) that you’re getting quality on a plate.

“‘Four Legs’ bucks the current trends, championing meat across its concise changing menu,” the chefs said, adding that they’re focusing on “quality, local, British ingredients.” They also serve seasonal menus that include “British fare with modern European and Asian elements.” Their goal? They want to elevate classic pub meals to something that’s greater, grander, and even more memorable.

As for the name of the restaurant, well, it’s based off of writer George Orwell’s phrase ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ from ‘Animal Farm.’ It’s reported that The Compton Arms was one of Orwell’s favorite pubs, so the name of the pop-up restaurant is very well-chosen.

The restaurant’s IG post got more than 34.3k likes in just 5 days and certainly got the British media’s attention, from ‘The Sun’ to the ‘Daily Mail.’

Here’s how some people have been reacting to the story

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What do you think a fitting punishment would be for this influencer, dear Pandas? We think that assigning them community service at a soup kitchen or delivering food parcels to the elderly would help set them right. Why do you think so many influencers ask for freebies by throwing their social media clout around? Do you know of any influencers who are decent people and actually pay for their food? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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