Reverse the Effects of Excessive Screen Time with this Electronic Eye Mask

By now, we all know the side effects of too much screen time—fatigue, eye strain and lack of focus are just a few. But it’s rare that we consider the actual medical setbacks that stem from days spent making Solidworks models, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and binge-watching Netflix. At this year’s CES, we noticed a variety of tech options hoping to help reverse these side effects, and we found ourselves wondering—can new tech devices save us from our tech addictions? 

We decided to investigate this trend while at the largest tech trade show in the world, which led us to discover Umay Rest, an electronic eye mask. Umay Rest is based on the principle that specific doses of thermotechnology can help reverse screen-time side effects such as strained eyes. Every time we blink, a small trace of oil is released into our eyes. When we blink less while staring at a screen, this natural process doesn’t happen as often, leaving our eyes dry and irritated. Heat reactivates that oil, releasing it onto our eyes to relieve discomfort. Not only does Umay Rest help reset your eyes physically, but the idea of closing your eyes for a few minutes to recover from your day also has positive mental effects. 

It’s hard to say whether devices like Umay Rest help to reverse or simply enable our bad habits. So with the help of Covestro, we met with Umay co-founder Matt Knight to discuss the technology behind Umay Rest and how the device should be integrated into everyday life:

Ready to try Umay Rest out for yourself or give the gift of combating screen time to a loved one? You can learn more and join Umay’s waitlist here.

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