Roadside E-Bike Speed Testing Contraption Used by Dutch Police

In Holland, police have found a correlation between the rising popularity of e-bikes and an increase in accidents. And in 2022, the country experienced a record number of fatal bicycle accidents. To combat this, Dutch authorities passed a law regulating e-bike capabilities. Legally, e-bikes must stop providing pedal assistance once the cyclist has reached a speed of 25 km/h (16 mph).

This seems impossible to enforce; a fit cyclist can easily hit 32 km/h (20 mph) under their own steam. How can a cop prove their speed was juiced by the bike?

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The Dutch answer is, technology. The Dutch police have commissioned nearly 250 special portable dynamometers built by manufacturer Dynostar. These rollentestbanken (“roller test benches”) have been distributed to police around the country to perform roadside checks.

The testing process is kind of amusing. An officer places the bike on the rig, then must sit on it and start pedaling their ass off. A readout provides their speed, and the pedaling officer must judge what speed they’d reached when the pedal assistance quit. Supporting officers help hold the bike in place while the riding officer pedals.

On the plus side, the officers probably get a pretty good workout.

Source: core77

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