“Safety First”: This Online Group Is Sharing The Worst Work Safety Examples Ever (90 New Pics)

No matter what job you do, each workplace has its own work and safety requirements every employee has to follow without a second thought. For other health and safety regulations, the employer is responsible, as it makes sure no worker gets harmed while on duty, which might also make them eligible for compensation.

Some people, however, choose to play with luck and see where ignoring all they know about safety in the workplace will take them. As we may suspect, it won’t be far, and their safety violation cases will also land in this notorious corner of Reddit known as OSHA.

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Created back in 2013, the community’s slogan reminds everyone of “Safety First,” something that the examples which get shared there totally lack. Below we selected some of the craziest posts shared on the OSHA subreddit, so scroll down. Also, be sure to check out our previous features with more OSHA content here, here and here.

#1 Artif Anchor

Image credits: Milo_from_trees

#2 Safety Suggestions Are Overrated, Guts And Sheer Will Suffice

Image credits: zoalcoalt

#3 Just A Man On A Stack Of Pallets Raised By A Forklift Changing The Bulb On A Street Light

Image credits: PMmeYourNoodz

#4 Just A Small Jump And It’ll Move Again, Nothing To Worry About Jim

Image credits: Same_Ad4736

#5 Captain Ladder Has Arrived

Image credits: zoalcoalt

#6 Something Tells Me Y’all Might Appreciate The Acid Watering Can At My Work

Image credits: NightmareChameleon

#7 Padlocked Fire Exit During Office Renovation

Image credits: HorseWithNoUsername1

#8 Working Safely

Image credits: riley4617

#9 A Signboard For The Blind Next To Bare Wire

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Image credits: qareti

#10 Now I Know Why They Say These 6’ Ladders Are So Dangerous

Image credits: d1lsn1ck

#11 Someone Complained About Contractors Leaving A Hole Exposed Without Any Barriers. This Was Their Solution

Image credits: OctagonCosplay

#12 I’m On It Boss

Image credits: chrisaed

#13 Fixing An Ac Compressor On A Level 28 Ledge

Image credits: mijabari

#14 If It Gets Wet You Might Have To Buy A New One

Image credits: reriasv

#15 This Is Safe? Right?

Image credits: Golden_Frog626

#16 Stairway To Heaven

Image credits: alwaysbeclimbing

#17 Living N The Edge

Image credits: NJhomebrew

#18 At Least They’re Wearing High-Vis Gear. Just Don’t Look Down

Image credits: PlayStationPepe

#19 Does The Operator Get Hazard Pay?

Image credits: ExecutiveChef1969

#20 Wanna Go To The Hospital? Nah I’m Good

Image credits: Alianaed

#21 At Least They Give You A Warning. Seen At A Boot Retailer

Image credits: wene324

#22 At Least The Load Was Secure For When The Truck Bed Complete Detaches

Image credits: ohituna

#23 He Told Me, “The Boss Said This Is How We Always Do It”

Image credits: AshenLibra

#24 My Dad’s Colleague Checking His Phone On The New Staircases They Built

Image credits: Windshield11

#25 For Rent 1500/Month

Image credits: Cronos848

#26 No Expert, But This Doesn’t Look Safe

Image credits: hamboneANDskillet

#27 Don’t Worry, I Won’t

Image credits: TheUnluckyBard

#28 I Don’t Think This Is A Proper Use Of A Forklift

Image credits: j0m1n1n

#29 “What Are You Looking At!?!?!”

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#30 Wish I Could See The “Safe” Way They Pulled It Down

Image credits: BallsOutKrunked

#31 This Space Heater Is Definitely Not Causing Any Problems

Image credits: OneBoxOfKleenexAway

#32 Labor Foreman Didn’t Feel Like Moving The Lift So This Is How He Wants Us To Unload

Image credits: Averyjkl

#33 Sorry Boss The Cockpit Door Wouldn’t Open

Image credits: AlexAKAStubby

#34 Yeah

Image credits: NadaMas333

#35 3 Persons = 6 Feet; 6 Feet < 50 Feet. Looks Safe To Me

Image credits: kana0011

#36 If Only There Was Another Way To Get Up There

Image credits: zoalcoalt

#37 I’m Not Sure How Many Times I Have Told Coworkers This. Never Wear Gloves Near A Spindle Or A Belt

Image credits: Inevitable_Lawyer_19

#38 Cigarettes And Gasoline

Image credits: Monkey77778

#39 Had New Gutters Installed. Came Home To This. Informed Them Not To Do That While On My Property And Sent Photo To Company

Image credits: dvlpr404

#40 Yep. Thats Totally A Corrosive Liquid. Can Definitely Pack This Right Next To Flammable

Image credits: MertwithYert

#41 The Truck Was Driving, For Maximum Power Washing Efficiency

Image credits: I_HATE_PIKEYS

#42 Looking For Angle Grinder Wheels On Amazon And Came Across This Guy

Image credits: donownsyou

#43 Introducing Donkey-Kong-Arcade-Level Scaffolding

Image credits: Lvl100Waffle

#44 If Your Electric Box Doesn’t Have A Cover Just Use A Cardboard Box

Image credits: nick-jagger

#45 This Ladder On My Job Site That Is Held Together With A Strip Of House Wrap & A Strap

Image credits: tgodxy

#46 Racking Is Still A Year+ Out

Image credits: nazekaa

#47 I Live In Alaska And They Said These Were Ok…winter Will Be Here In No Time

Image credits: Suppertime420

#48 Garage Door Installer

Image credits: planeteater

#49 Massive Dip In The Yard At Work, Forklifts Have To Cross It All Day

Image credits: NissanLeafDriver

#50 Does The Wooden Box Make It Safer?

Image credits: tsumo

#51 Cans Don’t Have Too Much Mass Right?

Image credits: buffaloguy1991

#52 That’s A Lot Of Trust In Wooden Pallets

Image credits: CooperRama

#53 Accomplishing The Mission

Image credits: 4DrivingWhileBlack

#54 When You Spot It

Image credits: GoatHerderFromAzad

#55 Spotted At Home Depot Garden Centre Lol

Image credits: _Kinel_

#56 Standing On The Fueling Nozzle To Get That Extra Reach

Image credits: kkehoe5

#57 At My Job. I Have No Words

Image credits: heynow1994

#58 Whatever Works

Image credits: mutantbabysnort

#59 Double Bonus; Load Hit The Bridge And Came Off In Traffic, Recover And Ride The Load

Image credits: jab116

#60 Definition Of Safety Issues At My Work

Image credits: Potential_spam124

#61 New Bossfight?

Image credits: bugme143

#62 That Should Do It

Image credits: qareti

#63 Hope Nobody Dies

Image credits: Complete-One-5520

#64 Apparently These Are Legal To Sell?

Image credits: GottaConfuseTheBody

#65 Boss: “You Don’t Need Any Ppe For That Tool, Quit Whining”

Image credits: adaytof

#66 Let Me Secure This Load Real Quick

Image credits: fpvisnotacrime

#67 I Hope The Er Has A 2 For 1 Special

Image credits: ThatsHilariousBro

#68 Wanna Play Dominoes??

Image credits: De4dpool1027

#69 Let’s Do A Diff Service Real Quick

Image credits: 34motox34

#70 Looks Good Boss

Image credits: CREAM__CORN

#71 The Helicopter. Grinder Attachments From Hell-Fb

Image credits: Arcempire

#72 Very Nsfw

Image credits: willard_swag

#73 The Triple Ladder Scaffolding

Image credits: got_nohandz

#74 So Was Anyone Aware There Are Chemicals That Burst Into Flames When In Contact With Cardboard? Because That’s What We Learned At Work Today

Image credits: KnavishFob

#75 Mcosha Approved

Image credits: earth_syndrome

#76 Does This Count?

Image credits: Innaguretta

#77 This Is Quite The Engine Hoist

Image credits: alostdope

#78 Solvent Got Too Hot In The Sun After Being Left Outside

Image credits: 50penc3

#79 Let Me Just Cut Out These Pesky Beams

Image credits: DustedHoffman215


Image credits: kestrellll

#81 First Aid Box At Work Nearly Empty. I’m Bleeding And There Isn’t Even Basic Band Aids. Would This Be Reportable To Osha?

Image credits: CptnToolwRench100

#82 Bashed My Knee On This In Gordansville, Va. Egress? We Don’t Need No Stinking Egress!

Image credits: Andrewg1972

#83 Picking Lychees

Image credits: itsallKooLandtheGanG

#84 Thanks For The Warning

Image credits: zooted_pineapple

#85 My Buddy Sent Me This, Inside Walmart Warehouse

Image credits: Cipherheart123

#86 120psi Air Pressure On Pvc Pipes. All Aboveground Alongside Walls And Roof Within Feet Of People

Image credits: eatmoe

#87 Seen At A Former Job

Image credits: Nemesis651

#88 400a @ 480v No Lug Cover

Image credits: ouppssss

#89 Trench Safety? Is That A Thing?

Image credits: outinleft

#90 Grounded

Image credits: y0neh

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