Saved by Nerves of Steel and a Manual Transmission

Jordan Dinsmore, a college student in Columbia, South Carolina, was the victim of armed robbery and kidnapping Wednesday, and may have been a rape and/or murder victim, too, except for the fact that the perpetrators couldn’t drive a stick shift. So they made her drive her car under gun point. After Dinsmore withdrew money from an ATM, she decided she had to escape somehow. She unfastened her seat belt.   

“I was thinking somehow I have to get out of this,” Dinsmore said. “Can I crash the car? No, because it might knock me out and not them. Can I pull over or something? I have to get away from them.”

One of the men told Dinsmore to take a right onto Blair Road.

But, with three cars coming from the opposite direction, Dinsmore saw an opportunity. She rolled her car through the intersection, ignoring orders to pull over, throwing the car in neutral and jumping out at roughly 35 miles an hour.

Dinsmore says she did not see what happened to her attackers. But she thinks they fled on foot, unable to drive the car away after it veered off the road and into the brush.

Dinsmore suffered scratches from hitting the pavement. She is cooperating with police to find the men who kidnapped her. The car suffered “minimal damage.” -via Jalopnik

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Source: neatorama

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