Scholarships Available for the 4D Design Program at Cranbrook

We’re big fans of the 4D Design Program at Cranbrook, and we wrote about it in our “Getting Accepted” series a while back. Program Director Carla Diana is also a long-time colleague, having presented at our 2014 conference among other collaborations. They have some spots remaining for next year’s class, and funding to offer, including a 100% tuition scholarship from the Gilbert Foundation geared towards increasing racial and ethnic diversity on campus. If you don’t qualify for that scholarship they have other competitive funding available as well.

The 4D program is focused on exploring the ways that our physical world becomes dynamic, looking at FORM, CODE, and ELECTRONICS that manifest in SOUND, LIGHT, and MOTION. They are seeking a blend of designers, artists and technologists who are eager to explore 4D as a medium, experimenting with dynamic behaviors and fluid forms through embedded electronics, applied robotics, 3D printing, mixed reality, AI, creative code, and other emerging toolsets.

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Cranbrook Academy of Art is one of the only design programs in the country focused exclusively on graduate education, and features private studios and state-of-the-art workshops situated on a luscious 319-acre campus just a short drive from the City of Detroit. The school has a rich history and a string of famous alumni. The 4D program is a small cohort, best suited to highly self-motivated students who thrive on intense critique and prefer exploratory, independent project work over traditional course assignments.

If this sounds like the right fit for you contact Carla through the 4D Design web site, or directly through Instagram @CarlaDiana.

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