Sexist Customer Demands Female Employee Get “One Of The Boys”, They Maliciously Comply

While our society is becoming more inclusive in many different ways, being a woman in a male-dominated field is still no walk in the park. Take the automotive industry, for example, a typically male-driven domain. Time and again, women are still forced to combat harmful stereotypes, deal with sexist comments in the workplace, and second-guess their knowledge daily. It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. And it definitely takes a toll on their confidence.

The challenge becomes even greater when the existing prejudices from male (and female!) customers lead to perceiving women workers as technically incompetent. Something that stands at the center of a recent story shared on the ‘Malicious Compliance’ subreddit. As Redditor WoolliesMudcake detailed in his post, it all started when a customer asked his female coworker to “get one of the boys” to help him.

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“She tried explaining to him that she is more than competent to help him but he insisted that a man needs to help him,” the user wrote. But instead of politely yielding to his unreasonable request, the employee decided to have some fun. Read on to find out how the story escalated, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

After this woman encountered a customer who refused to let her help with his automotive issue, she turned to her male coworkers for help

Image credits: Andrea Piacquadio (not the actual photo)

But instead of agreeing to his request, they dealt with the client in the best possible way

Image credits: WoolliesMudcake

Image credits: Oxana Melis (not the actual photo)

After reading the story, the readers applauded the staff and chimed in with similar experiences

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