‘Sharpen This’: A Free Dustjacket and a Polishing Tip

When we published “Sharpen This,” some readers were disappointed that the book’s cover wasn’t the slightly naughty “Sharpen This” image we printed on a sticker in 2017.

Had we used that image, which I adore, we would have faced complaints from some readers, and I suspect the image would have prevented some people from buying the book. As the book is supposed to remove your barriers to sharpening, an off-putting cover seemed a bad idea.

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Or maybe I’m just a wuss.

In any case, Chair Chatter Rudy Everts suggested we offer a free downloadable dust jacket for the book that used the 2017 image. And so I made one today. It prints on 11” x 17” paper, which is easily found in most photocopiers. Or you can take it to your local print shop to print it out. 

Then you just have to cut it out and wrap it around the book’s hardcover boards. And then – instantly – problem solved. Mischief achieved. And all that.

Another Video Tip

I am working on a few videos that will advertise the book and offer up some of the hard-earned sharpening knowledge and time-saving techniques I’ve learned through the years. You can see the latest video above.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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