SOG Baton Multitool

Most multitools look like what they are—a bunch of tools cobbled together. Not so much the SOG Baton series multitools. Sleek and minimalist, they don’t look like tools until you open them up. 

None have the macho aesthetic favored by Rambo; they’re designed for the person who wants an everyday carry multitool that’s discrete enough to carry in the office or city.

The Baton Q1 model resembles a rectangular pen with a pocket clip on back. And it is a pen; a ball point tip projects from one end and a can opener/flat tip screwdriver folds out from the other. Folding the body in half exposes a small pair of scissors. The Baton Q1 is a tool for the home and office, and unlike many multitools, not for survival in the wild.

SOG Baton Q2

The Baton Q2 is the same size and general shape as the Q1 but instead of a ballpoint pen it has an LED flashlight. Folding the body in half exposes a 2 1/2-inch knife blade. At the opposite end from the flashlight are the same pocket clip and bottle opener/flat tip screwdriver found on the Q1. You would not know by looking that this was a multitool.

SOG Baton Q3

The Baton Q3 is thicker than the Q1 and Q2 models. From the side it looks like an elongated pocket knife with multiple tools nested inside. Tools fold out from the edge as they would from a Swiss Army Knife. 

One side of the handle contains a bottle opener, can opener, awl, blade, and small and medium flat screwdrivers. The other contains a chisel, Phillips screwdriver, file, and jewelry driver. Bending the tool in half exposes pliers and a wire cutter. The jewelry driver, which can be used to tighten the screws on eyeglasses, is a very nice touch. I’ve never seen a multitool that had one.

SOG Baton Q4

Scheduled for release the fall of this year, the Baton Q4 is an alternate version of the Q3. It has pliers and a wire cutter in the middle and folding out from one side a blade, can opener, bottle opener, file, and small and medium flat screwdrivers. No tools fold out from the opposite side. Instead, there is a magnetic ratcheting 1/4-inch hex driver built into the end of the body. The tool includes a kit with 12 driver bits but you can use it with any 1/4-inch hex drive bit you like.

Source: core77

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