Spider Aerial Platforms Designed to Squeeze Through Crazy Narrow Spaces

Tradespeople who work with large, mobile machines know: When you’re giving an estimate on-site, one of the first things you do is examine the access points. If there’s a fence with a gate, the width of that gate limits the size of machine you can bring in to do the work.

Addressing this, Italian manufacturer CMC Lift designs wickedly specific machines with Transformers-like properties. Their “spider aerial platforms” are designed to squeeze into tricky places, then unfurl to provide the needed stability. The company’s line of Heavy Duty Arbor Pro machines, which appear gigantic, are actually skinny enough to slip through a 36″ gate!

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The machine can be trailered to site. Once there it can either be driven off, or can lift itself off with its spider legs.

It can then squeeze through a narrow gate…

…easily drive up slopes on its tracks…

…then deploy its legs and automatically self-level itself.

The bucket can then be safely raised to absurd heights; their smallest model can reach 60′, while their largest can go up to 105′.

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Bucket styles can be quickly swapped.

Take a look at their 72HD machine in action:

Here are some typical use cases:

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