Stunning Footage of Humanoid Robot Autonomously Performing Domestic Tasks

I don’t know whether to be impressed, terrified or skeptical. This is startup Astribot’s eponymous robot competently performing domestic tasks: Tidying up a worksurface, preparing food, vacuuming, ironing, folding clothes, etc., purportedly without being teleoperated:

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My kneejerk skepticism is probably because I don’t want to believe these kinds of strides have been made, this quickly. And I’d never heard of this company, which hails from Shenzhen. Then again, just a few years ago I’d never heard of BYD, and now they’re poised to outsell Tesla.

At press time, the company has released virtually no info about the robot aside from the video. And based on the footage, we assume it’s currently an upper-body creation only.

Astribot’s video is perhaps a response to competitior Sanctuary AI’s video from a few weeks ago. Sanctuary’s update shows their ‘bot doing fewer tabletop tasks, but with more fluidity, and also reportedly autonomously:

Source: core77

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