The Aftermath of a Nuclear War Will Be Worse Than the War

We all know that the only way to win a nuclear war is to avoid having one. That’s the idea behind mutually assured destruction, or MAD. That acronym sounds more like you’d have to be a complete madman to use modern nuclear bombs (much larger than those used in World War II) against anyone. While it might make you feel better to be far away from potential targets, or even in a country that no one pays attention to, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be safe. Even if you avoid radioactive fallout, the changes in earth’s atmosphere after the war would lead to nuclear winter, drought, and famine for the entire planet, not to mention more wars over resources. Kurzgesagt lays out several scenarios and the possible death tolls, which are staggering. The good news is that the earth will recover in a decade or so, with or without us. This video is only 9:40; the rest is an ad.

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Source: neatorama

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