The Design of This Hanging Light Socket Makes it Easy to Position Anywhere

This Funambulb light fixture, by Swiss design brand Superlife, has a ring attached to the socket and a 7-meter (23-foot) cord.

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The idea is that you can drape, clip or tie the cord around nearby objects or fixtures, and use the length of the cord through the ring, to position the light wherever you’d like it.

By using it in this manner you could also hang it overhead, in situations where drilling into the walls is okay but drilling into the ceiling isn’t (i.e. renters).

The long cord is textile-wrapped, and “knotting is encouraged,” the company writes.

The fixture is made from powder-coated steel (necessary?) and comes in several colors.

Superlife doesn’t say where the Funambulb is manufactured, but judging by the cost, I’m guessing Switzerland. Each unit runs 160 Swiss Francs (USD $173).

Source: core77

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