The Earth is Getting So Hot We Need a New Warning Color

You might or might not be familiar with the warning scale the National Weather Service uses for high temperatures, but it’s pretty intuitive. Green is for no danger, yellow and orange are cautionary, and red means danger, just like other scales (blue is reserved for cold weather). But the scale has been adjusted, as 2023 was the hottest year on record. In fact, the ten hottest years since temperature recordings began to be documented have all been in the last ten years.

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With temperatures getting hotter every year, the NWS and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have instituted a new category of warning, and it’s purple, or officially magenta. This category warns us of “rare and/or long-duration extreme heat with little to no overnight relief.” This can pose a danger to anyone who doesn’t have air conditioning. The weather service will make heat risk maps available for the entire US this year, instead of just the Western US as has been the case. As we go into the summer months, you may want to make a habit of paying attention to heat risk maps, plan your outside activities accordingly, and check on your neighbors when the occasion arises.  

(Image credit: CDC)

Source: neatorama

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