The Fold-Flat Nomad Desk, for Working From Anywhere

Paris-based inventor Richard Heng has created the Nomad Desk, a portable, folding, height-adjustable worksurface intended for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The entire thing, which weighs just over 15 pounds, breaks down to a rectangle roughly the size of a 16″ MacBook Pro. Once unfolded, the telescoping aluminum legs can bring it from a sitting-on-the-floor height of 25 cm (10 inches) all the way up to 110cm (43 inches).

To me, stability looks like the worry. Articulated feet supposedly help the desk deal with uneven ground…

…but even on a flat, smooth surface, I’d think even the vibration of typing might induce some jittery sway, particularly when placed in the highest position.

Here’s the offer:

The Nomad Desk has been successfully crowdfunded, with 25 days left to pledge at press time. Early-bird units are going for €188 (USD $195).

Source: core77

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