The Game Moderator Mayhem Reveals the Difficulty of Content Moderation

Anyone who has ever tried to moderate content on the internet knows how hard it is. When you allow strangers to post or comment on your website, you have to keep an eye on what they say. If it is your responsibility to encourage free and open exchange of ideas, while at the same time protecting your site from becoming a cesspool of threats, harassment, spam, or odious content, you have to make some hard decisions. The biggest sites have a content policy as a guide.

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In the game Moderator Mayhem, you are confronted with many decisions on whether to keep or toss content on a fictional social media network. Some comments are easy, but many are edge cases and you may need to consult the content policy to decide. It can still be difficult. But whatever your score is, you’ll learn about the process of content moderation and what professional moderators are up against. Read more about the purpose of the game.  -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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