The Hornet Spook Light: a Glowing Mystery Orb

Near the spot where Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma meet, just off Route 66, lies a four-mile road they call the Devil’s Promenade. This is where a glowing light has been reported to appear in the night since 1881. There used to be a town there called Hornet, and the light is called the Hornet Spook Light. Documented sightings have described the light as small as an egg or as large as a washtub. It comes in various colors, and sometimes moves or changes shape. Sightings are relatively few and far between, but plenty of living people have seen it.

What could cause such a mysterious light? Some think it comes from the headlights of cars on the highway, but others say Route 66 is too far away. And headlights weren’t a thing around there in 1881. Others blame swamp gas or a wandering spirit. The Army Corps of Engineers calls it a “mysterious light of unknown origin”. Read about the Hornet Spook Light at BBC Travel. -via Damn Interesting

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Source: neatorama

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