The Hour of the Dragon

We’ve seen some of Texan Robert E. Howard lately in his horror story Pigeons From Hell. Now we take a look at his most famous creation, Conan the Barbarian, and his short novel The Hour of the Dragon.

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First appearing in Weird Tales Magazine beginning in December 1935, it was serialized through April 1936, not long before Howard committed suicide. It is quintessential Howard and Conan – swords, sorcery, black magic, a real Infinity Stone, great beasts, wolves, blood, gore, beheadings, beautiful women, revenge, a witch, prophecy, secret societies, and love.

As with other of Howard’s works, this story is in the public domain and may be read online or downloaded here.

A similar Conan story, the Scarlet Citadel, was developed for an alternate market.

Source: neatorama

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