The Kreg Track Horse, by ID Consultancy DesignThink

For those without the space for a dedicated workbench, or for those who need a portable jobsite set-up, a worksurface straddling a pair of sawhorses is a good go-to. The Kreg Track Horse, designed by Philly-based industrial design consultancy DesignThink, does a good job of fulfilling this role while adding extra functionality, and also checking a key box for the client; it plays nice with the other tools in Kreg’s ecosystem.

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The Track Horse’s beam is a stepped aluminum rail with a channel down its length; this allows you to slide a Kreg clamp into the groove, while the steps serve as shoulders to support a piece of plywood as the worksurface. You can also screw two included bosses into a 2×4, then slide that into the track as your sacrificial cutting surface.

The blue brackets on either side can be set to different heights. In the lower height setting, this allows you to use a 2×4 as lengthwise support for a 3/4″ plywood worksurface, which would receive cross-wise support from the rails’ shoulders, leaving the worksurface flush with the rail top.

Raised to the higher position, the blue brackets can then support lengthwise 2x4s at a height that keeps them flush with a 2×4 laid flat and slid into the rail channel.

The legs are of course height-adjustable, and the end brackets allow the sawhorse to remain level with the legs folded up, so you can use it on the ground for awkward cuts where you need to get over the workpiece.

Here’s a video demonstrating some of the applications:

DesignThink discusses the work they do as Kreg’s design partner in a case study you can read here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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