The Microlino Lite: An EV for (European) 14-Year-Olds

How can a car company—sorry, a mobility company—gain customers that are too young to have a driver’s license? At this week’s Geneva Motor Show, Microlino unveiled their Microlino Lite, a teen-friendly version of their existing model.

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The two-seater has the same front door style as its sibling, but because its electric motor’s output doesn’t exceed the 6kW threshold, this places it within the EU’s L6e category of vehicle. That means it’s technically a powered quadricycle rather than an automobile, so you only need a moped license to operate it. In countries like France and Italy, a 14-year-old can drive one of these—and, conceivably, afford to: The company’s leasing model has a projected cost of 149 Swiss Francs (USD $169) per month.

Here’s the walkaround from the Motor Show, and gosh this thing is pretty:

With a 177km (110 mile) range, I’d like to think an enterprising teen could come up with a business to use this for and turn a profit.

As for this coming to the U.S.: Fat chance.

Source: core77

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