The Mysterious Floating Coffin of Pinner

There is a monument in the cemetery of Pinner Church in the northwest part of London that is unlike any other. In fact, it dominates the tiny graveyard. The triangular monument has a coffin right in the middle-several feet above ground! This is the grave of William and Agnes Loudon, and the monument was erected on orders from their son John Loudon after William died in 1809. Agnes joined him in 1841.  

There’s a legend attached to the monument, because, of course there is.

It’s claimed, roughly, that the descendants of William Loudon, a Scotch merchant, retain the property bequeathed by him so long as he remains “above ground.”

Well, that’s not true, as it has been ascertained that there is no body in the above-ground coffin. There are two coffins buried in a vault underneath the monument. So why the floating coffin? Could it be that John Loudon wanted people to talk about his parents and wonder about the monument? Read about the mysterious floating coffin of Pinner at Ian Visits. -via Nag on the Lake

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Source: neatorama

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