The New Golf

Sharpening Gear Supplier (SGS): “I haven’t been sleeping well. And it’s because I have this amazing idea I want to talk to you about. What if sharpening was the new golf?”

Editor: “New golf?”

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SGS: “Golf is pointless. You do it simply to get better at it. But there’s all this nice and expensive gear that helps you get better at it. There are classes, experts and competitions. And it’s all for the love of developing this one very refined skill.”

Editor: “You think people will take up sharpening and then not make furniture?”

SGS: “Exactly. You don’t need a shop, machines or even a workbench. You can do it in an apartment.”

Editor: “Huh.”

SGS: “Do you know how many golf magazines are out there? Think of it. A magazine all about the latest gear, comparing all the different methods, articles on steel, interviews with experts. I think there needs to be a magazine just about sharpening.”


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