The ProBrace: A Faster, Easier, More Accurate Bracing System for Concrete Formworks

Pouring a concrete foundation requires setting up board forms. Typically one drives in stakes behind the boards, or braces them at an angle, to support the walls and keep them plumb and level with one another:

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This can be a fiddly process and, as general contractor Aaron George puts it, “pegging and framing is backbreaking work and time-consuming!”

After pouring more than his share of forms, George set out to invent a quicker, easier, more accurate way to install perfectly plumb and level formworks. George subsequently designed the ProBrace and got it into production:

Here’s how you set them up. Note the built-in bubble levels:

George reckons using his ProBrace system yields 80% faster leveling and adjusting, a 50% overall time savings in setting up the forms, accuracy down to the millimeter level, a 60%-75% more efficient breakdown time, and a 70%-90% reduction in waste (no more cutting up timbers to make one-time bracings).

George is apparently selling the system in his home country of New Zealand, but there are no prices listed on the website.

Source: core77

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