The Recreational Fear Lab Explores How Intentional Fear Benefits Us

The feeling of fear can be pretty unpleasant, but we developed it for a reason. That scary feeling is a warning that things are not right, and we need to flee or hide or fight or do something for our own safety. But humans also seek out fear experiences, from climbing trees to watching scary movies to bungee jumping, for the thrill of fear they give us. Is that just for the adrenaline rush or is there a benefit to seeking out fear?

The scientists at the Recreational Fear Lab in Denmark think it may be an instinctive educational technique. Just the right amount of fear, in a fairly controlled situation, helps us learn to deal with real world fear. One study shows that horror movie buffs fared better psychologically during the COVID-19 lockdown than those who never watched scary films. Maybe a regular dose of moderate fear helps us to cope with those feelings, or learn to control them. Read more about the effects of recreational fear at Smithsonian.

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Source: neatorama

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