The Rise of Slime Videos

Videos of people playing with slime is a definite trend on Instagram. The prettier the slime is, the better. You can make slime fairly easily with Elmer’s glue, borax, and water. You may have called it Oobleck when you were young. Now it comes in all colors, with textures from beads and glitter, and teenagers are selling it through Etsy to their Instagram followers. What’s the allure?

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“I just love it for some odd reason,” says Carlie, a 12-year-old slime fan who recently started making her own slime. She did specify that for her, the appeal was “the sound and feeling of it.” For Donna Boyd, a 17-year-old from Harrisburg, Virginia, slime is therapeutic. She’s never purchased slime, or made it herself. She just watches hundreds of videos from her five favorite accounts over and over again. “It honestly just makes me happy and de-stresses me,” Donna told me. “I suffer from anxiety, and slime videos help me a lot during panic attacks.” She says she gets lost in them after watching a few, going into a kind of meditative state. One teen I spoke to, Rachel M., told me she spends “at least 15 hours a week” just watching slime videos and playing with slime. She has only bought two slimes herself, but she loves them and says, “I need them.”

It appears to be this generation’s version of birdwatching. Read about the business and hobby of slime videos (and see quite a few) at New York magazine. -via TYWKIWDBI
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