The Story Behind A Mother-in-Law's Wedding Mishap

Weddings are the bride’s moment as we all know but just as much, there’s no perfect wedding. In response to Jimmy Fallon’s challenge to share wedding woes, Amy Pennza tweeted a photo of her mother-in-law wearing a wedding dress at her wedding. That must have been an awkward moment but there’s a reason why.

According to Pennza, she had no idea what her MIL was planning to wear that day, and hadn’t thought to ask (why would she?) But then, it happened. She reportedly doesn’t remember much about the wedding day, as, like most people say, it was a blur. However she does remember telling her MIL, “You… You could be the bride…” Yikes.

Thankfully, the wedding unfolded “without bloodshed, or anyone being shoved into the Champagne fountain.” Now that’s what I call keeping it classy.

(Image credit: Amy Pennza/Twitter)

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Source: neatorama

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