The Supersonic: A Minimal, Lightweight Scooter Made of Aluminum Strips

Inspired by organic shapes, Poland-based industrial designer Mateusz Sipiora began designing and 3D-printing models for a lightweight scooter.

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He subsequently realized the design, using a minimum of material. The structure is made up of precisely bent aluminum strips:

“The Supersonic scooter is a small, personal vehicle that was designed to move quickly over short distances, especially in large cities, while avoiding traffic jams in crowded streets. It is an ecological alternative to cars and public transport.”

“Supersonic has been designed in the spirit of sustainable design – the smallest possible amount of aluminum was used in its construction, which can be easily recycled. The scooter is very light, thanks to its openwork structure, inspired by the structure of plant cells. Aluminum flat bars, welded together, create a very durable structure. The base has been designed so that you can comfortably place both larger and smaller feet on it. The scooter turns by balancing the body – just lean in the right direction while turning the steering wheel. What’s more, thanks to the three-wheeled form, a kickstand is not needed to put the vehicle down.”

Here’s how it rides:

The Supersonic was a finalist in the Make Me! design competition at Poland’s Lódz Design Festival last year. Congratulations to Sipiora!

…who paid the price many of us pay at the workbench:

Source: core77

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