The Tech Challenge Workshop

In preparation for The Tech Challenge, students delve more deeply into the engineering design process in these 90-minute team-building workshops. They develop teamwork and other skills they’ll need to create an innovative solution and successful team experience, from brainstorming and presenting ideas for feedback to designing, building, testing, and innovating through failure. Students are encouraged to take risks and fail early to maximize learning, and they also learn to document their creative process through a design journal.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops.

About The Tech Museum of Innovation
The Tech Museum of Innovation is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Tech—located in the Capital of Silicon Valley —is a non-profit, experiential learning resource established to engage people in exploring and experiencing applied technologies affecting their lives. Through programs such as The Tech Challenge presented by Cisco, our annual team engineering design competition for youth, and internationally renowned programs such as The Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials, The Tech endeavors to inspire the innovator in everyone.

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