The ‘Terminally Stupid’ Online Group Calls Out Really Dumb People, And Here Are 93 Of The Very Worst Offenders

We’re all guilty of having done something dumb in the past. Things that sometimes keep us awake at night or make us cringe in the middle of the workday. Remember that idiotic thing that you did way back in middle school that made everyone laugh at you? Yeah, let’s spend the next four hours obsessing over it and imagining how things couldn’t have gone worse and how everyone’s probably still laughing at you. However, getting some perspective can set us free.

That’s where the r/TerminallyStupid subreddit, an online community with just over 121k members, comes in. The group documents the times when “terminally stupid” people were “dumb in a way that threatens their safety or someone else’s.” And the things they post are most likely miles worse than anything we’ve ever done.

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We’re featuring some of their best pics, so grab yourself some popcorn and get ready to dive deep into the abyss that’s known as human stupidity. We hear that, much like the universe, it’s thought to be infinite.

#1 I See You’re As Intolerant As You Are Stupid

Image credits: BenShapiroMemeReview

#2 How Could Someone Even Begin To Think This Is How It Works?

Image credits: crabtimeyumyum

#3 We Are Always Eating Things We Shouldn’t

Image credits: hotelluxband

The subreddit is fairly fresh. r/TerminallyStupid was founded in late February of 2019 and will be celebrating its third birthday in less than two months.

If you’re planning on becoming a member of the community, then you should keep the rules the moderators set out in mind. First things first, the content that you post has to match the spirit and direction of the subreddit itself. “Any post that does not have some terminally stupid person in them will be removed. This does not include posts about the subreddit itself,” the moderators explain that things have to be relevant.

#4 We Make Changes That Don’t Need To Happen:

Image credits: y2shaf

#5 Excuse Me Ma’am…that’s Not How That Works…

Image credits:

#6 Jesus….

Image credits: Twizzyu

Meanwhile, even though at the core of the subreddit lies the desire to poke fun at people who do really dumb stuff, the moderators still care about those people’s privacy. On that note, all names have to be blurred or scratched out so that they’re not readable. The same thing applies to license plates.

The only exceptions are public figures and famous people who we, obviously, know and can comment on their behavior openly as much as we like. However, this doesn’t mean that the focus should be on politics. “Please, No politics. This subreddit is not going to devolve into a fight between the left and right. Users found to be in violation of this rule will be banned,” r/TerminallyStupid’s mods warn.

#7 Grown Adult Doesn’t Understand How Rainbows Work

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Image credits: garrettw_19

#8 Dumba**

“Just sitting here…..eating popcorn….cell phone in hand with 9-1-….already punched in…”

Image credits: KoolAidsman69

#9 Just Give It A Snorkel

Image credits: ProbablyNotKevin

Previously, I interviewed Vanessa Bohns, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Cornell University. We spoke about embarrassment, knowledge blind spots, and how we should react when we make big blunders.

“We spend a lot of time and effort presenting an ideal version of ourselves to other people. When something happens that contrasts with the image we’ve been projecting—when we say or do something that shows we actually aren’t as graceful or as smart as we’d like people to believe—we feel embarrassed,” Vanessa explained to Bored Panda what happens when our perception of how great we think we are doesn’t match reality.

#10 Wow, Just Wow

Image credits: bananamananagana

#11 Friend Of Mine Started Their Day Off Poorly

Image credits:

#12 *facepalms*

Image credits: myandherpancakes

“Discovering you were wrong about something most everyone else around you has long known to be true is one of those moments. In that moment we learn, ‘Wait a minute, maybe I haven’t been presenting the image of being smart or worldly that I thought I was presenting all this time,’ which is embarrassing,” the expert said.

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to embarrassment. In fact, it can be a very positive force. That is if we react accordingly.

#13 We Confuse Syrup And Sanitizer

#14 We Are A Little Too Eager To Play With Mysterious Substances

“I accidentally broke my thermometer and this liquid came out. It’s so fun to play with !”

#15 Am Does Not Exist In The English Language!

Image credits: Knight-Creep

“One thing that’s interesting about embarrassment is that, for as much as we might experience it as painful in the moment, it’s actually very socially adaptive. Being embarrassed signals to other people that you care about what they think. And that actually draws people in to you,” Vanessa said.

“So blushing, burying your head in your hands, laughing, acknowledging how embarrassing something was, are all totally healthy ways to react,” Vanessa said that we shouldn’t feel embarrassed about feeling embarrassed. In fact, trying to hide our embarrassment can actually backfire on us.

#16 My Brother Put A Chopping Board Under The Pizza To Catch The Stuff It Drops

Image credits: hoginlly

#17 This Guys Asking The Important Questions!

Image credits: ZxGIRxZ

#18 Wasn’t Paying Attention While Painting And Drinking Tea, Guess Which One I Just Took A Sip Of?

Image credits: PM-ME-FUNFACTS

“The unhealthy way to react is to pretend you’re not embarrassed, that you didn’t make a mistake, or to get angry. Those things undo the positive effect of embarrassment typically has on other people by conveying insincerity and pushing people away rather than drawing them in,” she said. In short, owning up to having done something downright dumb and incredibly stupid by embracing our embarrassment is the mature, emotionally healthy way to react. Trying to hide the fact that we messed up, however, won’t win us any friends.

#19 Free

Image credits: KoolAidsman69

#20 Brexit At A Whole New Level

Image credits: WeirdB1NarY

#21 No Matter How Unsafe It Sounds

#22 Many Of Us Are Still Figuring Out This Whole Reproduction Thing

#23 Well That Sucks

Image credits: __info__

#24 Oh America

Image credits: FUDTASTIC

#25 This Employer

Image credits: SmallCubes

#26 Hmm…

Image credits: chrisrobles

#27 Food Can’t Fly

Image credits:

#28 Locked Out

Image credits: iam_nobody

#29 Wow. Just Opened Themselves Up For All The Jokes

Image credits: satriales856

#30 Everything Is Food To Us:

Image credits: bitsandpieces

#31 Flat Earth

Image credits: skcxgod

#32 I Have No Words

Image credits: Coolpool785

#33 Kids And Their Cell Phones

Image credits: nastygeek

#34 Sandpaper To The Windshield

Image credits: titanicman119

#35 When They Make The Power For The Security Camera Exposed…

Image credits: namnthrax

#36 A Girl At My School Used Her iPhone To Keep A Door Open

Image credits:

#37 We Are Powerless To Things That Look Like Chocolate

#38 Just So Wrong In So Many Ways….

Image credits: Energylegs23

#39 I Love Reptiles, Too…

Image credits: darthkitty8

#40 Ice Isn’t Real And Snow Is Made Of Chemtrails

Image credits:

#41 15 Idiots Decided To Park On A Frozen Lake During 45 Degree Weather

Image credits: freak329

#42 This Guy

Image credits: Hurrikayne53

#43 “Let’s Think Of An Argument Against Vaccines.” “Jesus!”

Image credits: SmallCubes

#44 Grown A** Man Got His Finger Stuck In The Wall At Chipotle

Image credits: jesterp13

#45 This Idiot Who Was Going Over 80mph With They’re Dog Not Secured To The Back Of The Truck. I Called The Nhp On Them. It Was Scared To Death. I Was Afraid I Was Going To See A Dog Smear On The Side Of I-80

Image credits: akimi88

#46 We Have No Idea How To Stay Healthy

#47 Mind Blowing

Image credits: Tokyoz

#48 Just Don’t Buy It?

Image credits: TheWaiterDebator

#49 We Have Zero Money Management Skills

Image credits: PleasePressF

#50 Where Is Gordon Ramsey When You Need Him

Image credits: someonelseyoumightknow

#51 Painted Himself In A Corner

Image credits: basshead541

#52 Rip

Image credits: Biwierdo

#53 My Friend Tried To Take A Bite Of An Apple, He Enjoyed A Mouth Full Of Foam

Image credits:

#54 Damn Bumbledoofus

Image credits: jerseypoontappa

#55 We Take Dumb Risks

Image credits: mondaycures

#56 Someone Needs A Chemistry Lesson…

Image credits: CapitalCourse

#57 ‘How Can I Heal This Naturally?’

Image credits: childofburningtime

#58 I’m An Idiot… Just Painted The Stairs To My Basement Now I’m Trapped

Image credits: Dr_Emmet_Brown

#59 I Mean, Anything

Image credits: penizpizza

#60 We Have No Idea How To Handle Cooking


#61 Dumb Activities

Image credits: reaps1k

#62 For Some Reason

Image credits: TCSnaky

#63 Facepalm

Image credits: Filet-Minyon

#64 And They Are Connected How?

Image credits: Coolpool785

#65 A Friend Sent Me This Picture Today

Image credits:

#66 Just What Hell

Image credits: boiatron

#67 Lanyard Caught On The Handle And My Keys Swung Inside The Door As I Closed It. Stupidest Way To Lock Yourself Out?

Image credits: nkraus90

#68 Anything

Image credits: burgervonstadt

#69 To Destroy A Giant Snowman

Image credits: Daedalus_Mind

#70 We’re Very, Very Slow To React

#71 If He Wasn’t Before He Is Now

Image credits: SirBallBag

#72 We’re Always Putting Our Heads Where They Don’t Belong

Image credits: unknown

#73 Found In The Washington Post

Image credits: Fgfrid

#74 You F**king What Mate?

Image credits: Coolpool785

#75 Why Is Snapchat So Stupid

Image credits: RhinoInAHat

#76 Cooking With Engine Oil

Image credits:

#77 When You’re Willing To Risk Your Safety And Life For A Few Likes On Instagram

Image credits: xyzjoysibar

#78 “But I Can’t Park In The Handicap Space, I Don’t Have A Placard. That Would Be Illegal”

Image credits: BoujeePartySocks

#79 Screenshot

Image credits: SmallCubes

#80 I Wish I Had 64 Subscribers So I Could Drop Out Of College And Quit My Job

Image credits: RealLucid

#81 I’m Starting To Think This View Isn’t Worth Golfers Aiming Directly At Our Homes

Image credits: starbitcandies

#82 Did They Even Go To School??? And How Would This Be Racist

Image credits: willgibbins16

#83 I Don’t Have The Smartest Friends In The World

Image credits: Proctor410

#84 We’ll Get To Those After We Take Down All Churches Because Of The Crusades…

Image credits: Coolpool785

#85 Underage Guys Show Up Drunk To Bail Out Underage Drunk Friend

Image credits: jerseypoontappa

#86 I Realize This Could Be Taken As Political Because Of The Hat, But I’m Not Trying To Be. I’m Mostly Annoyed About The Mask. Like, You’re So Close Man! Just A Little Lower!

Image credits: lovemehockey

#87 Speakers

Image credits: wallahi

#88 My Brother Ate 3 Slices Of This Bread Before Turning The Lights On To See Why It Tasted Funny

Image credits:

#89 Men Cause C*****

Image credits: PieCreeper

#90 Never Bake Cookies In A Crop Top

Image credits: SaraBear250

#91 Comparing Trying To Keep Possibly Deadly Diseases Spreading Because Of Their Stupidity To Segregation

Image credits: Coolpool785

#92 I’m Loosing Faith In Humanity By The Day

Image credits: Coolpool785

#93 A Little Something From R/Mgtow

Image credits: moneymountain13


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