The ‘Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge’ Is Still Trending And It’s Hilarious How Unphotogenic These Cats Are (New Pics)

As much as they’d like to be known as royalty and the rulers of our homes, cats aren’t always the elegant, refined, and noble creatures they present themselves as. And there are plenty of unflattering snaps of felines to prove this!

Twitter is simply obsessed with the Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge, and there’s a whole bunch of weird and unphotogenic new pics that we’d love to share with you, dear Pandas. Upvote the best of the worst pics as you scroll down below and, when you’re done, have a look through Bored Panda’s previous post about the challenge right here.

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And you know what? These photos make us relate to cats that much more because they remind us of our own imperfect selves. Now those are the kinds of cattos I could imagine having around the house—they know they’re not perfect, like us. And that’s okay. Especially in 2020.


My cat Wednesday

Image credits: Samantha Wright


got some pics with my cat at our Halloween party last night…. these were the results

Image credits: Brianna Lee Duncan


#unflatteringcatphotochallengeI bring to you, the death stare whilst pooping…..

Image credits: Fiona Kerr

Taking an unflattering pic of your cat and then sharing it for the entire internet to see is all very well and good. But what can you do to take a good picture, say, if you suddenly decided to branch out and become a world-famous ‘catfluencer?’

Bored Panda previously spoke about what owners can do to take the best possible photos of cats with cat behaviorist and feline expert Ingrid Johnson, founder of Fundamentally Feline.

According to Ingrid, anyone who wants to take a good photo of their cats has the best chances of success when they do the photo shoot in the animals’ environment.


Image credits: Kenia Venus


Seal not just sleeping, but passed the @#&% out.

Image credits: Brennan Stephenson

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Does your cat even lift?

Image credits: Rebecca Lin Florek

“Taking cats out of their home for a photo shoot is often where things go awry. Use natural light and play with them to encourage them to look confident and alert.”

Ingrid also suggested using toys to get the cats to look where you want them to. “You can shake treats, click, make some sort of sound to get them to look at the camera. As far as keeping them calm, again, it’s about working with what they are naturally giving you rather than trying to force something,” the cat behaviorist said.


#unflatteringcatphotochallenge the 10th picture on your phone is what’s making Ollie retch

Image credits: Bex McCabe


This is my Fluffy Sadie Goose, caught her being unflattering for the camera

Image credits: Tara Bird


My new kitty Charlie, not even had him 24 hours but he’s settled in well

Image credits: Maddie Winch


Image credits: 420_ginny


This is my Toby. He has ninnies. When I asked the vet about it she just smiled and said, look how big they are! Evidently it’s not an uncommon thing!

Image credits: Stephanie Hushman-Willard


Chloe is broken.

Image credits: Beth Paule


Lint’s preferred sleeping position

Image credits: Jennifer Turpin


‘Draw me like one of your French girls’

Image credits: Tracy Quigley


Someone kept running away and I couldn’t get the sticker off (for an obligatory “I voted photo” )

Image credits: Ashley Chupp


Image credits: CatZamboni


Image credits: coldfloral


Caption this #unflatteringcatphotochallenge

Image credits: Angelique Sophia Lawrence Bilello-Bolger


#unflatteringcatphotochallenge my boy Merlin. He had the zoomies

Image credits: Ukiie Craw


I have a few derpy cats.

Image credits: Matthew Boyd


Flying high on nothing at all (catnip has no effect on this idiot)

Image credits: Uttara Sunita Vinay


jasper is theatrical to say the least ( judging the dog)

Image credits: Morgan Hoffman


Image credits: Jennifer Campbell


Image credits: peteetchou


Image credits: muhreeum


Election night anxiety

Image credits: Maddie Kaim


I’m so glad I found this group! I have 2 cats, but only one is a little psycho Meet Veronica!

Image credits: Tiffany Galloway


Image credits: Niłeśh Vądher



Image credits: Nnedi


Image credits: Mufasamainecoon


Image credits: edginton_jane


Image credits: Lesley_NOPE


Image credits: gloveslap_


Image credits: CathChidgey


Pete did so good on her last entry that I just had to. this is her “deep in the purr zone” face and yes, she does have ears, I promise

Image credits: Tee Davey


my cat says hi

Image credits: Aude Duval


Image credits: Rin Sherman


Image credits: TXsanctuaryCats


Image credits: tygerpoo


Image credits: SkritchTheCat


Image credits: jungle_os


Image credits: Fullergeller


Image credits: ButtersTheBean


Image credits: buddy_gizmo


Image credits: NinaNova2


Image credits: dawnafinch


Image credits: KRBurgio


Image credits: JKBartleby


Image credits: MissFlexie


To cute not to share!

Image credits: Heather MacAvoy


Kai get down from there. He is such a handful sometimes.

Image credits: Sabrina Louise


he is very stupid but I love him

Image credits: Emily Jo Beckelhymer


she was snuggling the baby bump and her lip got stuck

Image credits: Lexi Naumoff


Image credits: Mojgan Ranjbar


Image credits: XiranJayZhao


Image credits: NefftheNakedCat


Image credits: KerriRawson


Image credits: thehicklife


Image credits: tygerpoo


Image credits: DJNerf


That face!

Image credits: Charis Martineau


why he do dat

Image credits: Holly Michelle


my handsome boy Felix updating his tinder profile pic

Image credits: Lee Tarrant


Show me your kitties living their dream life here is my baby enjoying last warm days before merciless Montreal winter

Image credits: Tamara Aslambekova



Image credits: Alisa Mahmoud


Image credits: ShowMeTheTuna


Image credits: Me_llamoTolstoy


Image credits: LiartSamantha


Image credits: PangurBn5


Image credits: SuestephensonM


Image credits: stickers_thecat


Image credits: laramiya42


Image credits: KoeBarnum


I tried getting some nice nature shots of my boys, Gimli (orange) and Boo Radley (white) and i was not disappointed

Image credits: 5tnSfpooansorhed ·


Image credits: Paul Mazariegos


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