The Weekly Design Roast, #13

“The design challenge was to remove everyone’s privacy, confuse the user as to where the boundaries of their desk are, and create unusable triangles of desk space behind each person’s monitor. The empty hexagon in the middle is our ‘punishment space,’ where the slowest worker is forced to stand for 30 minutes, silently, on a slowly rotating turntable.”

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“When the client asked for seating and a worksurface that is impossible for the user to adjust, I said, I can do even better: I’ll make it monolithic and difficult-to-move, and I’ll coat the entire thing in easy-to-scuff white lacquer, even the part where your shoe soles go.”

“I like to put a waterfall edge on surfaces that hold delicate objects, like votive candles and lamps. I also like secondary shelves to be at an angle. You can still place things on the second shelf, you just have to wedge them in there tightly from right-to-left. (Refer to the instruction manual.)”

“No it was NOT the final straw. She and I were having problems with our relationship even before I designed, built and began spending a lot of time in this.”

“This coffee table says ‘Don’t bring your kids over to my house.'”

“The client asked me to maximize marble waste.”

“I wanted to provide very sharp corners on all of the angles of approach. I’ve also fulfilled what most of my clients are looking for, which is a bed that wastes electricity.”

“I designed this immersion-therapy bedroom for a client who suffers from domino-phobia.”

“The brief was to design casual seating that taller people cannot use.”

“It’s a ‘privacy phone booth’ that must be mounted to the ceiling on a pulley. It’s a little bit of a pain in the ass when someone bumps into it and it swings like a pendulum, but overall, users enjoy answering their phones and having to say ‘Hang on a sec’ while they grab the white orb and adjust it to the height of their head.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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