The Weekly Design Roast, #14

This can only be ordered out of the back of Lamborghini Driver magazine.

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This is for when you want to fall asleep in an airport lounge and wake up in an interrogation room.

What I want to say to the designer of this motorized lift for the disabled: “Yeah, looks real cool. Where the fuck is the rest of it?”

“I’m calling it ‘Active Seating.’ The idea is that you have to pick the chair up off of the floor, carefully transfer your weight into it, then concentrate on not tipping over. So you’re not just sitting, you’re having an experience.”

“I’m calling this one ‘Active Seating 2.’ Getting in and out of it is still tricky, but with this one you have a flat piece of metal pressing down on the top of your knees to help you balance.”

“This was a tough one–I wanted the shape of the tables to not make sense whether they were separate or joined together. So I managed to make it work on both levels.”

“If you’re afraid of indoor snakes, we’ve got the bed for you!”

“It’s called the Oreo Dipper, but it also works with Hydrox cookies. As a designer solving important problems, you have to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, and our research showed that not everyone goes Oreo.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“Our 3D wallpaper designs add a calming, spacious feel to any room. This pattern is called Collapsing Mineshaft.”

“The client loves our Ceiling-Suspended Fixed-Height Cell Phone Privacy Cylinders. They allow the user to express themselves with how they enter it; you can crouch, squat, duck or even limbo!”

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