The Weekly Design Roast, #15

“Because no modern home is complete without at least one lamp that looks like a laundry detergent bottle on a stool.”

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“Yes, I do have the time, just give me a minute to puzzle it out.”

“This long, steel door pull really gives you maximum leverage against the two screws holding it in place.”

“As rendered, no, the car does not fit in the back. But renderings are just about, you know, the vibe.”

“I found a clever way to use twice as much metal without conveying any benefit to the end user.”

If I lived with a roommate who had this chair, I’d never not be hanging my dirty socks on those bars.

“I’m pretty good at drawing circles in CAD, but I haven’t figured out how to get other shapes yet.”

“Most shelf brackets can accommodate a variety of board widths. Using the power of design, I have removed that versatility.”

“I wanted it to occupy the footprint of a loveseat, while only offering accommodation for one person. It is a metaphor for loveless marriages.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“Over time, using these chairs may put some wear on the steel edges. If that happens, call me and I’ll swing by with an angle grinder to resharpen them.”

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