The Weekly Design Roast, #9

“That’s a great question! The answer is, I don’t know where the inspiration for my designs come from. Sometimes I’m standing at the bus stop and an idea just comes to me.”

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“I only wanted there to be a 1-in-20 chance that you’d place these on the table with the right side up.”

“I am NOT getting in that thing. Ciao, jackhole!”

“We have a deal with a leg manufacturer where if we move a lot of legs, we get a kickback.”

“I think the best position to fall asleep in is to pretend you’re riding on the back of your lover’s motorcycle.”

“As a designer, my job is to identify what you don’t yet know that you need. In this case, what the client needs is something metal, pointy and sharp that they can bang their head into if they store anything beneath these stairs.”

“My seating designs are fun and make novel use of the material. The trip hazard aspect won’t bother you, or will bother you less I should say, if you follow my specifications and install these on a floor made of ice. I’m calling this the Least-of-Your-Worries collection.”

“After it rains and the bench is wet, you can crank the handle to reveal some fresh slats. I mean they’re wet too, since water tends to obey gravity, but turning the crank is pretty fun.”

“This bed was inspired both by suspension bridges, and by the joy I feel when someone runs their bare foot into something sharp (preferably with metal connection points) as they’re getting in or out of bed.”

“Please, call me Sal, Mr. Dali is my father. Anyways as I was saying, this didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to–originally I was going for a frown, but people kept falling out of it.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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