“The Whole Table Went Silent”: Person Calls Brother’s GF A Gold Digger After She Googled The Cost Of Their Christmas Gifts

The unfortunate reality is that some people are only interested in you because of how fat your wallet is. They’re in it for the cash, not out of any genuine feelings of love or friendship. Eventually realizing this can hurt quite a bit. They’re not who you think they were—you feel betrayed. However, not everyone is quite ready for the harsh truth.

Redditor u/golddiggergoogle opened up about a particularly strange Christmas celebration at their house. They’d invited their parents, as well as their brother, along with his girlfriend of seven months. Things quickly took a bizarre turn when she started inquiring about how much everything cost. The tension rose when she actually started researching how expensive the gifts were, and commenting on it.

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This prompted the redditor to call their brother’s partner out for her behavior. They called her “the world’s most diligent gold digger.” Read on for the full story. Do you think the author of the post was a jerk or did they do nothing wrong? What would you have done, dear Pandas? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments—we’d love to hear what you think.

It’s tacky and rude to ask your hosts how much everything costs. Apparently, not everyone got the memo

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A person shared how they called out their brother’s girlfriend after she displayed some very gold digger-like behavior

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Image credits: Kelsey Chance (not the actual photo)

Most people would agree that the brother’s girlfriend behaved outrageously. Asking how much everything costs isn’t something you do in polite company. Especially if you’ve been invited for the holidays. In short: don’t Google how much everyone’s gifts cost; but if you do, don’t start proclaiming the total amount on Christmas Day. Just… don’t.

So, generally, many internet users definitely agree that the woman blundered across countless social and ethical boundaries. The only real question that remains is whether the OP stepped over the line with how they called her out.

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Many redditors felt like the author did nothing wrong, and that they shouldn’t apologize for how forward they were during the awkward interaction. Though some internet users wondered if the term, ‘gold digger’ was the right one here, the consensus was more or less that the girlfriend acted in a rude, bizarre, and tacky way.

A major red flag that indicates someone’s in the relationship just for the money is that they never offer to pay for anything. Someone who really loves you would buy you small gifts from time to time, would offer to pay for meals or activities. If they don’t have a lot of money, the offer to go Dutch is what shows their dedication and willingness to sacrifice something for you.

On the flip side, someone who never speaks up when the bill comes along probably expects you to pay for everything. That’s not a good sign if you’re in the relationship for the long term!

The point of all of this is that financial stability is an important aspect of any relationship. And both partners ought to be on the same page about their expectations and any possible money problems. And that’s key here—honesty! If one partner isn’t being genuine with their feelings and financial intentions, there’s not much hope for a bright future.

The story got a lot of attention online. Here’s what some readers said and how the author reacted to their comments

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