The Worst Form Factor for a Tech Object?

Depending on the product category, ergonomics has gone forwards and backwards over the decades. For instance, the office chairs of today offer better support than the ones of yore:

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On the other hand, which of these phones looks like it was designed to be easily held?

There’s now an entire generation for whom a slippery rectangle is the incumbent form factor for a phone. Has that dampened our awareness of ergonomics and human factors? I’m looking at this S1 Circle Bluetooth speaker, which has the worst possible form factor for anything meant to sit on a table:

From the manufacturer, a company called SB+: “The contemporary spherical design adds an exquisite touch to any room.”

Well, define “exquisite.” Maybe the tiny base is heavier than it looks, or perhaps all the weight of the unit is centered at the very bottom. If not, I can’t imagine this thing not getting knocked over and rolling off the edge of a table.

As usual, the masses don’t share my hesitations, and the S1 Circle has been successfully crowdfunded. They run $288 a pair, and they come with a 1-year warranty that does not cover accidental drops.

Source: core77

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