These 146 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things May Leave You Delighted Or Disturbed (New Pics)

The internet is a vast sea of content, with countless memes, jokes, and videos flooding your screen every day. It’s no wonder that it can be challenging to focus or genuinely appreciate something amidst the constant barrage. But fear not, for today, we bring you something simple and ‘mild.’

Introducing the humbly titled subreddit r/mildlyinteresting, where you’ll find things that might pique your curiosity. We’ve handpicked a fresh collection, and it turns out that for photos that are, well, mildly interesting, they tend to be surprisingly captivating.

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#1 This Person Taking Their Parrot For A Walk At The Mall

Image credits: CraisyDaisy

To be great at something, it’s not about doing something extraordinary once; it’s about mastering the everyday basics and doing them consistently over a long time. Greatness is often simpler than it appears from the outside.

#2 This Clump Of Sour Patch Kids I Found

Image credits:

#3 My Honey Came With A Tiny Handmade Beekeepers Hat

Image credits: GillyGooze

Think about when you’ve tried to get good at something challenging. Let’s make it even simpler: remember those New Year’s resolutions you set last year? Chances are, you’ve either forgotten about them or given up, and I’m guilty of that too.

#4 My Local Coffee Shop Offers A Single Gummy Worm As A Food Option

Image credits: CoffeeDatesAndPlants

#5 A Bike I Bought Got Delivered In A Box Showing An Aquarium And A Note Explaining Why

Image credits: Date_Snape

#6 One Of My Laundry Pods Has No Detergent

Image credits: Expensive_Buy_5157

So, what went wrong? People often blame the task being too hard, their lack of talent, or not enough discipline. These reasons sound reasonable, but each of us has strengths and discipline in different areas. So, what’s the real issue?

#7 This Single Lowercase Milk

Image credits: TurnoverImpossible80

#8 My Favorite Local Restaurant Collects Tips To Help People In Need

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Image credits: SoundGuyAdventures

#9 Coronation Themed Cereal On Sale In The UK During A Coronation

Image credits: jphilly111

The problem usually comes down to not fully understanding what we’re trying to achieve, which means we aren’t ready for what it actually takes to succeed. We often have big ideas about what it means to be great or master something, and this can lead us to either avoid trying or quit too soon.

#10 A Homeless Person Used The Back Of This Street Sign As A Note Pad. (Zoom In)

Image credits: TheDovahkiinsDad

#11 My Local Cinema Has A Guide To Which Movies Have Mid And Post Credit Scenes

Image credits: itsamemarioscousin

#12 My Collection Of (Mostly) Vintage Uranium Glass

Image credits: bigstupidheadloser

Finding joy in little things means being thankful and happy with what you have, even if it seems small or unimportant. It can also mean finding purpose in everyday tasks and enjoying simple pleasures. By staying in the moment and having a positive outlook, you can find joy in even the most ordinary situations.

#13 Spotted An Apple Maps Maker

Image credits: yelahneb

#14 My Corn Came In Both Landscape And Portrait

Image credits: turlian

#15 This Vintage Calculator Is Transparent So It Could Be Displayed Via Overhead Projector

Image credits: GuruLuka

Finding happiness in small things helps us handle life’s tough times. It also reduces stress and makes us feel better overall. This skill can be developed with gratitude, mindfulness, and being present in the moment. Below you’ll find some ways to practice it.

#16 Chick-Fil-A Charged Me 20 Cents Less For Asking For No Tomato

Image credits: shaybay12

#17 I Found This Box Of Fentanyl Test Strips In The Local Brewery’s Bathroom

Image credits: EmptyRook

#18 This Trail Uses Broken Glass As Gravel

Image credits: s2k_guy

Try practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness means being fully in the moment without judgment. You can practice it through activities like meditation, yoga, or simply taking deep breaths and focusing on what’s around you.

#19 The 1st Class Shower/Toilet On An A380

Image credits: I_love_Squats

#20 Pool Themed Restrooms In A Hotel

Image credits: Stahlwachtel

#21 This Laptop Has A Trackpad Above The Keyboard

Image credits: pandaKrusher

Pause and enjoy the beauty in your surroundings, whether it’s a sunset, a flower, or a kind gesture. It can be as easy as smelling the flowers or watching a sunset.

Trying new things can open your eyes to new joys. Consider taking a cooking class, going for a hike, or visiting a museum. The excitement of something new can bring happiness.

Building and nurturing close relationships with friends and family can bring joy and a sense of connection. Invest time in meaningful conversations and activities you both enjoy.

Laughter and enjoying the silly or absurd can brighten your mood and bring happiness. Watch a funny movie, share jokes with friends, or simply find humor in everyday moments.

#22 I Found This Old Nintendo Gaming Console From 1982 In My Parent’s House

Image credits: Clacefe

#23 This Tiny Stop Sign

Image credits: Cyprinidea

#24 This Bridge’s Fencing Has Holes In It For Cameras

Image credits: pizzafourlife

Finding joy in small things takes practice and mindfulness, but it can greatly improve your overall well-being and happiness. By nurturing gratitude and staying in the present moment, you can discover happiness in life’s little pleasures. Keep scrolling to check out more ‘mildly’ interesting things from the Reddit group and our previous posts.

#25 I’m At The NYC Macys And The Escalator Is Made Out Of Wood

Image credits: BudMasterMcSwagatron

#26 These Two Food Droids Trying To Figure Out How To Get Past One Another

Image credits: visbygram

#27 What Microwave Popcorn Looks Like Inside The Bag

Image credits: swooooot

#28 This Unused Casket Left Outside For Trash Pickup

Image credits: SegaTime

#29 This Is What A Bathroom Looks Like On A 1st Class Japanese Bullet Train

Image credits: JesusaurusRex666

#30 A Bag Of Funyuns I Just Opened Had A Giant Combined Piece In The Bag

Image credits: BlueBDS

#31 The Mcdonalds In My Town Has A Sign With Only One Arch

Image credits: HalxQuixotic

#32 The Different Reflections From My Glasses

Image credits: EnteEnteLos

#33 My Library Is Displaying An Archive From Our Local Newspaper Predicting A New High Schooler In Town, Taylor Swift, Will Rise To Stardom

Image credits: PianoCharged

#34 These Electrical Outlet Plates My Mom Painted For Her Kitchen To Match The Granite

Image credits: FentanylBolus

#35 My Clothing Pegs Explode When Used

Image credits: Stuf404

#36 Perfectly Circular, Connecting Burnout In My Neighborhood

Image credits: SourCreamWater

#37 This Restaurant Named “Thai Food Near Me”

Image credits: zirus23

#38 Local Creamery Has Beef With Chase Bank

Image credits: tiger_qween

#39 Found Homemade Pickles In My Basement From 18+ Years Ago

Image credits: powerofwill72

#40 My Transition Glasses Were Left In The Mesh Pocket Of My Backpack

Image credits: Letsotmessthisup

#41 Saw This Lemur At A Local Grocery Store

Image credits: suck_ma_ballz

#42 My New N95 Mask After A Couple Hours In A Mine

Image credits: 3PointLayup

#43 My Son’s Elementary School Started Flying A Progress Pride Flag This Week

Image credits: Jessieface13

#44 My Daughter’s Pediatrician Has Higher Door Handles So Kids Can’t Run Out Of The Room

Image credits: mayasmomma

#45 Public Air Shower In Tokyo To Blow Pollen Off Hay Fever Sufferers

Image credits: Humvee13

#46 Neighbor Hangs Umbrella Off The Side Of The Building To Block The Sun

Image credits: SpuzzyNuts

#47 Shopping Carts In Germany Have A Special Beer Crate Holder In The Back

Image credits: crasher775

#48 This Gummy Brand Of Candies From Norway Have Boobs On Half Of The Gummies

Image credits: LivingLosDream

#49 This House That Has A Tunnel Through A Juniper Bush To Get To Their Front Door

Image credits: tarheelsdend

#50 Found A Sample Text Wrap At Work

Image credits: whatdmuhan

#51 My Thumb Nail Has Ridges

Image credits: RatzzFace

#52 My Father Recycled An Old Plastic Ketchup Bottle Into A Shampoo Dispenser For His Shower

Image credits: Will-FLO

#53 This Green Stop Sign

Image credits: pphillyy

#54 These Fresh Sesame Balls Were So Hot They Started Melting Dents/Holes In Their Styrofoam Container

Image credits: Lvl-Zr0

#55 The Wearoff From The Cashiers Shoes At This Shops Checkout

Image credits: Seitbeginnboombap

#56 This Jar Of Cheez Whiz That Expired Ten Years Ago Today

Image credits: CaveMonsterBlues

#57 I Found A Weather Balloon In Our Driveway Today

Image credits: Demonjack123

#58 My Real Estate Agent Has Gold Metal Business Cards

Image credits: Frostimus-Prime

#59 The Comparisons Used On This Construction Site For Falling Objects

Image credits: Background-Glove-997

#60 Ziploc Now Gives You Fewer Bags But Puts Them In A Larger Carton

Image credits: PostComa

#61 This Group Of Colorful Humans Waiting For A Train In Montreal

Image credits: TygreWolf

#62 A Broken Quarter

Image credits: bringbackjarjarbinks

#63 My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother’s Day

Image credits: MrsStrangelov

#64 Panda Accidentally Gave Me Their Daily Stats With My Receipt

Image credits: Disastrous-Initial51

#65 I Had A Tendon Transplant In My Finger And They’re Using A Button, Sewn Through My Fingernail, To Hold The New Tendon In Place While It Heals

Image credits: Ok_Try_1217

#66 This Car Is Full Of Bumper Stickers That Say Bumper Sticker

Image credits: getyoutogabba

#67 A Rabies Vaccines That Is Airdropped In The Woods For Raccoons To Eat

Image credits: Citii

#68 My Friends Cat Got Shaved At The Vet And Now She Looks Like A Game Of Exquisite Corpse

Image credits: pbrinkworth

#69 These LEGO Bricks Are The Same Color… Except Under A Blacklight

Image credits: kottabaz

#70 The Police Officer On This Anti Fly Tipping Poster Is Just Justin Timberlake With A Photoshopped Police Hat

Image credits: missizbeldollie2

#71 This Ball Claims No Child Labor Used

Image credits: faloodehx

#72 My Used Soap Bar Looks Like Chicken Breast

Image credits: 4manarun

#73 A Walmart In Florida Now Has Sensory Friendly Hours

Image credits: yungbeater

#74 This Specific Spot On My Girlfriend’s Elbow Doesnt Get Goosebumps

Image credits: MeeKoH

#75 Me And My BF Have The Same Mole On Opposite Hands

Image credits: JexCast

#76 The Sun On My Door Is So Bright You Can See It Through The Door

Image credits: TLOU2bigsad

#77 The Bright Red Interior Of This Broken Branch

Image credits: maurymarkowitz

#78 This Perfect Looking Burger I Got From Dairy Queen

Image credits: FuzzySixO

#79 A Chunk Of My Red Hair From When I Was 16 Compared To My Faded With Time Hair Now That I’m 27

Image credits: fiori_

#80 Receipt With Division Hint

Image credits: narwhalling

#81 My Local Pizza Hut Hasn’t Changed Since The 80’s

Image credits: -Tyrone-Biggums-

#82 My Sister And I Have The Same Birth Mark, But Opposite

Image credits: Toooh

#83 My Wife And I Are Brunettes And We Have 2 (Very) Redheaded Children

Image credits: jakecox2012

#84 Saw This Adult Sized Little Tikes Car In The Parking Lot Where I Was

Image credits: noodles92

#85 I Flew Over Some Lakes That Looked Like A Man Walking His Lama

Image credits: StepWeiwu

#86 Chocolate Nobody Opened For 2 Years

Image credits: Due-Caterpillar-2097

#87 The Difference Between My Brother And I’s Tan

Image credits: YungTinkerbell

#88 You Still Have To Be 21 To Purchase Non-Alcoholic Beer

Image credits: mhedbergfan

#89 This Restaurant Only Prints Their Very Short Menus On Business Cards

Image credits: itsamemarioscousin

#90 My Husband Has Brown Eyes, I Have Blue. These Are Our Four Children’s Eyes

Image credits: spidermom4

#91 This Thing That Came Out Of My Husbands Ear

Image credits: Xerophile420

#92 Strange Markings On Our Chicken’s Egg This Morning

Image credits: AngryChargingCables

#93 My Grandma’s Chickens Had Laid Eggs That Have White Yolks

Image credits: BaronvonRensiem

#94 This Customer Replaced Their Passenger Seat With A Shopping Cart

Image credits: MedicMisko

#95 All These Hair Ties Underneath A Rollercoaster

Image credits: Aquarithyst

#96 My Daughter Isn’t Walking Yet, So Her Shoes Are Wearing Out Backwards

Image credits: erock1119

#97 This Dollar Store Is Giving Away Their Hand Sanitizer Stock

Image credits: thr0waway_acc_420

#98 Contractor Fell Through My Sister’s Ceiling

Image credits: oxnardhard

#99 Went To Look At A House That Had This Weird Passageway From The Hall Closet To The Bathroom

Image credits: blackc2004

#100 My Book Has A Page Ripped Out, But Still Goes From 302-303

Image credits: Humble-Bag-1312

#101 My Rubber Watch Strap Disintegrated After 7 Years In Storage

Image credits: pikapikabooboo

#102 A Patch Of My Hair Fell Out 1.5 Years Ago And Has Grown Back Curly

Image credits: elisamariah

#103 My Finger After I Finally Got A Ring Off That’s Been On For 2 1/2 Years Straight

Image credits: AndersonZR

#104 Theres A Streak On My Mirror That Never Gets Foggy

Image credits: Waterloonybin

#105 My Vasectomy Testing Kit Came With A Card To Track My Ejaculations

Image credits: the_ju66ernaut

#106 Two, Random, Yet Almost Identical, Boomers

Image credits: MoistKestrel

#107 One Of My Sausages Pressurized It’s Wrapper

Image credits: MaltyShakes

#108 Water Forms “Ha” Perfectly On My Glasses After Rinsing Them

Image credits: KaitouSky

#109 The Sushi Place Next To My Job Was Carving Up This Giant 700 Pound Bluefin Tuna

Image credits: RockyRickaby1995

#110 My Friend Laminated And Cut Out All Of Her Uno Cards

Image credits: ShellyWithSuper

#111 Japanese Gum Comes With A Pad Of Paper To Wrap It Up And Throw It Away Later

Image credits: Ali_cicek2

#112 Matt Is On Both Locks, But With Different Partners

Image credits: Solnx

#113 Fanta In Italy Has No Dyes Or Artificial Flavors

Image credits: Opposite_Strategy_43

#114 A Reflection From My Friend’s Phone Created A Pink Floyd Album Cover On Her Hazard Button

Image credits: leafgirl420

#115 One Digit Combination Lock On Hotel Gate

Image credits: TuxedoFloorca

#116 Mark Zuckerberg Was At My Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Image credits: acadungug

#117 Robot In Training Sign

Image credits: RiverHowler

#118 I Found Some Pepto-Bismol That Was Bottled In 1959 In The Bathroom At Work

Image credits: Smiley_exeWasTaken

#119 An Unfired 9mm Bullet Next To The One That Was Inside Me For 4 Years

Image credits: Jetman97

#120 I Have A Circular Ingrown Hair

Image credits: PickleRicksFunHouse

#121 Woke Up To A Swan Peering Through My Front Door

Image credits:

#122 Quaalude Lemmon 300 Methaqualone Bottle

Image credits: ventraultram

#123 This Wendy’s I Stopped At Sells 50 Piece Nuggets

Image credits: Spontaneouslyaverage

#124 Just Saw Airless Tires On A Lawn Care Companies Mower

Image credits: HanSolo71

#125 A Tick Biting Another Tick

Image credits: Shlock_

#126 I Found A Tiny Pocket Knife At A Music Festival

Image credits: shroomsaregoooood

#127 My Son Is Born With An Extra Thumb

Image credits: Dependent_Desk_1944

#128 Got Stung On My Neck, Now It Is Making Its Way Into My Lymphatic System

Image credits: FixItAgainTonic

#129 The Lighting In This Room Makes It Look Like This Fan Is Missing A Blade

Image credits: Bruhscovitch

#130 My Girlfriend’s Bathroom Has A Urinal In It

Image credits: wogeini

#131 The Gap Sent Me A Check For $0.01 With With No Explanation

Image credits: cuddle_enthusiast

#132 This Monster Facial Hair Compared To A Normal One

Image credits: Redredworm88

#133 Apparently Nipples Don’t Sweat

Image credits: ShoarmaSnater

#134 These Groups Of Spots On An Egg My Chicken Laid

Image credits: Ethan_Koman

#135 This Mosquito Deterring Candle Is Full Of Beetles Every Single Morning

Image credits: HatchetXL

#136 Rabies Vaccines Are Purple Apparently

Image credits: Expired_Taco_

#137 The Print On My Daughter’s Crib Sheet Doesn’t Show On Her Monitor

Image credits: xAIRGUITARISTx

#138 My Local Gas Station Has To Put A Sign In The Milk Section Cause People Open The Milk To Put It In Their Coffee, Then Put It Back

Image credits: AlejandroSosa__

#139 This Grape Getting Strangled By Its Own Stem

Image credits: Exact_Pound_1202

#140 My Skin Is Translucent

Image credits: KaleidoscopeWild9670

#141 Got Tipped $22 In $1 Coins USD

Image credits: FupaJesus

#142 This Bi- Colored Leaf I Found Today

Image credits: tripops13

#143 My Socks Turn Half Red Under One Of The Stage Lights

Image credits: GidgetGecko

#144 A Globe That Shows Elevation

Image credits: trielock

#145 I Found My Great Great Grandfather’s 1899 Certificate Of U.S. Citizenship In Which He Renounced His Allegiance To The Emperor Of Austria

Image credits: Ovvr9000

#146 This Weird Burn Mark On The Sidewalk

Image credits: algeoMA

#147 I Flew Over Some Lakes That Looked Like A Man Walking His Lama

#148 You Still Have To Be 21 To Purchase Non-Alcoholic Beer

#149 The Difference Between My Brother And I’s Tan

#150 I Found A Tiny Pocket Knife At A Music Festival

#151 My Son Is Born With An Extra Thumb


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