These Tables are So Thin, They Almost Qualify as Optical Illusions

Designed by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot and manufactured by Arco, these Slim tables are so thin, they’re practically optical illusions:

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The tops and legs are just over an inch thick, and that’s actual wood (or at least veneer) surfacing them. The structure that allows these tables to stretch to 160cm (63 inches) long is “an innovative sandwich construction of steel and honeycomb,” Arco writes.

“Some will see the Slim Table as counterfeit or not real, but it is very genuine and pure,” says Pot. “All materials have been used in the most honest way possible: metal for a strong construction and wood for tactility and an attractive design. exterior. Without innovation, minimalism is a dead end.”

The companion Slim Bench can be had in lengths of 150cm, 170cm and 200cm (59″, 67″ and 79″).

There’s also a Slim Plus that’s a centimeter thicker, which enables it to stretch up to 360cm (142″, nearly 12 feet!) long, and can seat 10 people.

I’m digging this optional sock, which lets you run a cable down the leg.

Lastly, if you need to seat the entirety of the UN General Assembly, you can order this Slim+ Connected, which joins two Slims together with a mirrored base in the middle. The Connected tables are of custom length, made-to-order.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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