This Architect Wants to Use Molten Lava for Construction Projects

Arnhildur Pálmadóttir hails from Iceland, a nation that is volcanically active and has plentiful sources of low-viscosity lava. It’s an abundant natural resource on an island nation with otherwise limited natural resources.

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So, Fast Company reports, Pálmadóttir proposes digging precise trenches out of soil in lava fields so that when eruptions happen, the lava flows into these channels to form walls and foundations. When the lava cools, remove the soil to expose the cooled and solid volcanic rock.

At this point, the project is speculative since it’s expensive and predicting volcanic eruptions is an imprecise science. But with sufficient funding, Pálmadóttir may be able to test her idea at the Krafla vocano system in the northeastern region of Iceland.

-via Weird Universe | Photo: Arnhildur Pálmadóttir

Source: neatorama

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